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Welcome to the official Medieval Europe Wiki, the comprehensive reference written and maintained by Medieval Europe Staff.

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Medieval Europe is a browser game that requires no download. In this game you will enjoy a unique adventure and experience life in the European Dark Ages where conflict was rife, and the Pope and Church was very powerful and highly influential.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this alluring world and choose your calling? You have the option to become an enterprising merchant, a courageous commander, a far-sighted governor, or whatever you choose, for you are the architect of your own destiny.

Travel to Europe in search of glory on the battlefields or devise dangerous plots in the diplomatic world in court. Transport your precious merchandise to new and flourishing markets and increment your wealth. Troops of mercenaries are ready to serve those who they can benefit most from. If you manage to accumulate enough possessions, become the owner of a significant and extensive estate, and serve thy Master, you might eventually be rewarded with a noble title.


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Game Basics The World Other Stuff
▪ Beginner Guide ▪ FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions ▪ Roleplay Guide ▪ Other Guides ▪ Wiki Navigation
▪ Creating a character
▪ Character Death
▪ Attributes
▪ Skills
▪ Services
▪ Groups
Common Actions
▪ Eating ▪ Resting ▪ Working ▪ Fighting ▪ Recovering Health ▪ Praying
▪ Traveling ▪ Crafting items ▪ Studying ▪  Chat
▪ Transporting items ▪ Voting the game ▪ Holiday Mode
▪ Game Rules ▪ Communication Rules ▪ Noble Titles Guidelines
ME Laws
▪ Rules for Writing Laws ▪ Justice ▪ Conducting a Trial
Health and Diseases
▪ Diseases ▪ Recovering Health
The World
▪ The Map ▪ Kingdoms ▪ Noble Titles
Government Structures
▪ Royal Palace ▪ Castle ▪ Court ▪ Barracks ▪ Watch Tower
▪ Academy ▪ Training Grounds ▪ Tavern
▪ The Market ▪ Harbor
Basic Resources Structures
▪ Forests ▪ Mines ▪ Fish Shoals ▪ Wells
Player Structures
▪ House ▪ Fields ▪ Workshops ▪ Farms
Other structures
▪ Dump ▪ Building site ▪ Battlefield
Church structures
▪ Level 1 (Headquarters) ▪ Level 2 ▪ Level 3 ▪ Level 4
Religion Sacred Texts
▪  Teological Sacred Texts
▪  Pagan Sacred Texts
▪  Eastern Mystical Sacred Texts
▪  Patriarchal Sacred Texts
▪  Norse Sacred Texts
Religion Important Procedures
▪  Religious Leader election
▪  Dishearten a Leader
▪  Dogma Bonuses
▪ Complete item list ▪ All Armors ▪ All Weapons
▪ Badges
Premium Bonuses
▪ Basic Package Bonus ▪ Worker Package Bonus ▪ Travel Package Bonus ▪ Rosary ▪ Shared IP Check Protection Bonus ▪ Upgrade Armory
▪ Professional Desk Bonus ▪ Automated Rest Bonus ▪ SuperCart Bonus
▪ Wardrobe Bonus ▪ Diamond Ring
▪  Item Price Tool ▪  Damage Simulator Tool
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