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Beginner Guide for Newbies

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Author: Arrigo Lorentio


Character Creation

Welcome to the Medieval Europe. In this Role Play Game you will make your way through a world of chances, abuses, corruption, justice; and you will have to quickly find the path that suits you best. Still didn't find one? Build your own. Because in ME everything is possible, everything.

But let's take a step back and see what happens before you enter our world:

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 23.24.49.png

This is the first choice you will have to face in your whole new life. First your given name and family name: remember, you're a medieval villager, not a present hipster, so please choose a name that suits the situation, avoiding famous historical people's name!

Secondly your culture and sex. Those may not be your real features (If I'm an italian male I may choose a Scottish girl in the game) and it won't influence our gameplay, it is purely preferential.

Finally you will have to choose your kingdom of birth. Make this choice carefully as not every kingdom takes care of its new people the same way, but keep in mind you may change it later too. To see what the kingdom has to say click on the link "Kingdom Information".

Afterwards you'll jump deeper in the game play and have to make your first important decision: Attribute points.

Attribute Points

You will have 40 Attribute Points to divide into:

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 23.38.43.png

Choose carefully as you will be able to change them only once, after your birth and within 30 days: you can do that in your Character dashboard page. After that, to change them you will need to pay some doubloons. (See: FAQ)

Start Up

As soon as you start, you will be provided with a Newborn package that contains:

  • 1 Bread loaf
  • 10 silver coins
  • Special price for rest in the tavern (price:FREE silver coins per hour until 90 days of age)

The Bread is a Food that helps you recover Glut, which is one of the three Conditions you can find in the center of the upper screen. The glut represents how hungry you are and it will lose 16% at a given time each day. At midnight each day, if your glut is at 0, your health will start decaying of 10% each day, unless you eat something. (see: Bread and Food)

  Please complete the tutorial to get silver coins, items, free premium bonuses and a badge.

To show your real life home nation, click on My Account at the upper right, Edit, and then fill in the Nationality Box.

Communicating with other players

Communication is very important in the game, it is in fact the most useful resource of information and money ever. For that reason there are many ways to get in touch and keep in touch with other players (Note: There are no NPCs)

Regional Page

Regional Page is the page from where you will start all your action. You will need to search for a structure with written WELCOME NEW PLAYER. Click with the right button and you will find links to:

  • Your Regent message -- read it straight away!
  • Tutorials and Missions -- do quests for getting money and free tools

and other important links.



Messages are a private way to talk with a specific person, as you were born your regent sent you a message. You can find them in the left list of actions.


Chats are a public way to talk, maybe with random people. There is for this purpose the ME chat, accessible from the top of the page. Other kinds of Chat rooms, more private, are the Group Chat, where all the group members can take part (accessible by the Group menu on the right bottom part of the screen), and the Home Chat, where only invited members may access the discussion (you can see this option pointing your house with your cursor).

Making money in ME

Making money in ME is vital as it was at the time, you need money to feed yourself and make basic actions such as sleeping at inns, buy tools to work, but also to increase and improve your belongings, such as Shops, Fields, Houses, etc. The most common way to earn coins is to work. Each time you work a certain time is required, this is a work cycle and it is possible to queue up to 3 work cycles with the Worker Bonus (see: Worker Package Bonus). Some works, like extracting natural resources, require tools, that you can easily buy on the market or win in the wheel of fortune mini-game within the first 14 days in ME. Other parallel ways of making money are in the next chapters.

Working in the Barracks

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 16.50.57.png
Working at the Barracks is the easiest but longest way to earn money.

You don't need any tool, any contract or any kind of skill, everyone can do it, but it's not a good long term solution. Nevertheless, it is a good way to survive as it gives you 5 silver coins each work cycle, that is supposed to last 2hrs; so every working cycle takes off 0.2% of Glut (see: Health, Energy and Glut).

Jobs and announcement boards

Seeing the Announcement Board is one of the actions you can do in the Castle

When you look in the Bulletin board in the Castle of your Region (or the Town crier) you might see some work announcements. When you accept them a contract will be made between you and the poster of the offer. Depending on this accord terms, you might either jut accomplish some unrelated actions, or may be granted access to a structure, like a Shop or a Field

For more informations see: Castle

Shop chef.jpg
This is an example of a Shop you might work into

In a Shop, you are crafting processed items out of raw materials. Keep in touch with your employer to know what to craft and in what quantity. However you should know that canceling actions in a Shop result in loss of all items used in the crafting AND final product supposed to be produced, so to avoid severe consequences you should always finish your actions.

For more informations see: Shop

This is an example of a Field you might work into

In a Field, you are sowing and, after some time, harvesting the produced items. It goes as for the Shops the principle of never canceling the action, as the materials used are not yours.

For more informations see: Field

Voting for ME


In the right bottom part of your screen, you may see those links. These pages will lead you to different Gaming Toplist Sites where you will be able to vote for ME in exchange for some "Energy".

Selling Doubloons

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 16.58.12.png
In the right bottom part of your screen you may see those links. From here you can buy (in real life currency) and use Doubloons, which are the "Bonus" currency of the game. In fact you may use them to halve the working time of all your actions, travel without fees, etc. or alternatively you can sell them on the market to gain some Silver coins, to use in the game.

Health, Energy, Glut

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 17.05.24.png
Those are the three conditions that affect your character's life. It is important to look after them and to always check their level. For example in the image in the left, the character won't be able to work for long, as their energy is low, the glut level is mediocre and will soon need some refill. Nevertheless, the health is at maximum, so the character is in good status.


Health states how many wounds or injuries that your character has taken lately. If Health goes down to zero your character will die and you will need to restart your life with a different one (your account will still stay). To heal yourself you may ask a Church Clergy to be healed or by buying some Herb and Honey Brews from Herbalists. However, the only three ways you could possibly lose health are:

  • If your glut is zero at the time your glut is taken off (10%)
  • If you go to war (variable percentage)
  • Fighting an NPC creature


Energy states how many more actions your character can perform; if it goes down to zero you won't be able to do anything and you will have to Rest or Drink. Each action you do will take down your energy by a specific percentage, that changes depending on the kind of action (see: Action tables). There are few ways to restore it:


Glut is stating how hungry your character is. This condition will go down every day at a given time by 16%, if the glut is already zero 10% Health will be taken off; this will not apply if your glut is between 1 and 15, it will then simply go to zero. Recovering Glut is simple, you just need to eat any kind of Food

--Arrigo Lorentio 21:00, 7 April 2013 (MSK)

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