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Owner: Vassal
Titles: 1 Prefect, 1 Customs Officer
2 Lords, 4 Knights.
Storage: 100.000 kg
Rest Level: 30
Project Launch: Regent
Resources: 1000 Bricks
750 Wood Pieces
1000 Stone Pieces
Time: 2000 hours

This fortified structure overlooks all the city and hosts the local Vassal. It represents the administrative center of the fief.

[edit] Bonuses

  • 10% Bonus to defenders in case the Region is attacked
  • 60 cents/day for each player that is alive and active in the last 48 hours. Money will be deposited into the royalpalace treasure.


Kingdom has 17 castle and 70 residents. only 60 residents have been active in the last 48 hours. Royal palace will received

  17*60*0,60 silver coins = 612 silver coins

[edit] Public links

  • Offers to the Fiefdom: By using this function you can donate money or items to the Castle.
  • Info: You can view information about the castle, its owner, and read the description written by the owner
  • Buy a field: You can buy a Field that you can cultivate.
  • Buy a house: You can buy a House in this city where you can rest and store your belongings.
  • Buy a shop: You can buy a Shop and start an activity.
  • Message Boards: By selecting this function you will be able to view the Local and European news and jobs announcements.

[edit] Reserved Links

These functions are accessible only by the Vassal.

[edit] Manage

You can write a description of the castle. Any player can read it by using the function Info

[edit] Storage

You can see what's stored in the Castle and take stored items.

  • Storage capacity — 7,500 kg (7,5 tons)

[edit] Storage Events

Here you can monitor events related to this storage. Events older than one month are automatically deleted. In particular, here you can check the receipt of taxes and payments to the treasury.

[edit] Reports

In this page you can access two reports:

  • Property Report
  • Resource Report

[edit] The Property Report

The Property Report will inform you about who is owning some property in the regions you control. This can be useful if you want to request some kind of Property tax.


[edit] The Resource Report

The Resource Report will inform you about the status of the resources in the Regions you control. If they are low or expired, it would be necessary to deny the access to the resources by law, and strengthen the surveillance.


[edit] Taxes

A Vassal can configure the Goods and Services Tax for each Region he controls and for the following classes of relationship:

  • Citizen
  • Neutral
  • Friendly
  • Allied

The Good and Services Tax is applied to every service or good is sold in a region like:

  • Goods sold @ Market
  • Properties
  • Courses @ Academies or Training Grounds
  • Rest @ Tavern


The Distribution Rule is applied to The Goods and Services Tax is then


  • Citizens tax is 0%
  • Allied foreigners tax is 0%
  • Friendly foreigners tax is 2%
  • Neutral foreigners tax is 7%
  • Distribution rule is 10% (castle), 90% (royal palace)

A bread is posted for sale for 4 silver coins.

  • A citizen and allied foreigner will buy the bread for 4 silver coins.
  • A friendly foreigner will buy the bread for 4.08 coins; government will cash .08 coins (castle = 0,008 sc and Castle = 0,0736 sc)
  • A neutral foreigner will buy the bread for 4.28 coins; government will cash .28 coins (castle = 0,028 and royal palace = 0,2576)
  • A Hostile foreigner won’t be able to use the market.

[edit] Announcements

You can publish Announcements that can be read only from residents of your controlled regions.

[edit] Assignments

You can view and assign roles in your controlled regions. Dismissing or assigning a government role will cost some Silver Coins. Resigning from role is free of charge. See Appoint/Removal Costs for details.

Vassal can assign the following roles:

[edit] Noble and Royal titles

You can view and assign titles in your controlled regions.

Vassal can assign the following titles for each castle:

[edit] Kingdom Projects

You can start/monitor the creation of some structures in your controlled regions. A vassal can launch the following projects:

For further details see Kingdom (Community) Projects

[edit] Rest

You can rest in your elegant bedrooms. For more details Resting.

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