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Guard Captain

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[edit] Requirements

  • Age : At least 7 Days Old
  • Strength: >= 11

[edit] Duties

The Guard Captain (GC) is appointed by the Vassal, and is responsible for the city army. He works at the Barracks and Prisons or Barracks and Prisons - Level 2. His main duties are:

  • Confiscate items from the Kingdom's markets;
  • Assuring Regent's and Government officials' safety;
  • Managing Kingdom and city weapons and armors in an efficient way;
  • Coordinating army/armies in case of attacks from other Kingdoms or if attacking;
  • Can appoint Lieutenant;
  • Arrest characters;
  • Taking note of citizen complaints, verify evidence and in case talk to the Magistrate and open a trial (see The Trial for details).

[edit] Restrain


The Restrain command is a very powerful one and is mainly used for keeping a characters that broke Kingdom Rules to escape from the Kingdom lands. Only a Guard Captain can restrain a Character from the Barracks. See here for more details.

[edit] Restrain Conditions

  • The character can be restrained for max 168 hours (7 days);
  • There is a cooldown of 1 day since the last restrain;
  • A Regent cannot be restrained;
  • The Character must be in the Kingdom of the Guard Captain;
  • The Character must not be a citizen of a Kingdom at war with the Kingdom of the Guard Captain;
  • A revolt is in progress.

[edit] When and when not use restrain

  • Restrain can be used to keep a character to leave Kingdom lands if the character broke a Kingdom Law and while the Trial is set up and completed.
  • During war, Restrain cannot be used. Mechanics prevents to restrain characters of a Kingdom engaged in war.


Guard Captains of Kingdoms A of Alliance 1 (A,B,C) at war with Alliance 2 (D,E,F) cannot restrain citizens of Kingdom D,E,F and viceversa.

[edit] Effects of Restrain

While restrained a char will be able to do only the following actions:

  • Clean prisons
  • Eat
  • Play dice
  • Move (inside the kingdom)
  • Recovering
  • Repairing structures
  • Rest
  • Go in meditation mode
  • Serve jail time
  • Wear items
  • Unwear items
  • Donate to public structures

[edit] Restrain Duration

Restrain duration will be raised to 168 hours to be consistent with the following trial schedule time:

Trial Duration

[edit] Arrest


The Guard Captain can arrest a character if this has been received a Guilty Verdict from a Judge after a Trial. The Judge will need to create an Arrest Warrant and send it to the Captain that will be able to find the character and trying to arrest it by finding it in the Region Present Character list and clicking on it:

If the arrest is succesfull the Captain Guard will travel to his Kingdom bringing with him the character. for more information see Barracks and Prisons

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