Barracks and Prisons

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Barracks and Prisons

Barracks 1.jpg
Owner: Guard Captain
Titles: 1 Lieutenant
Rest Level: 6.74
Project Launch: Vassal
Resources: 600 Bricks
300 Wood Pieces
300 Stone Pieces
Time: 750 hours

The Guard Captain is the responsible of these structures. He manages the local army and the justice by executing Court sentences.

For more details and insights of the Barracks and Prisons functions please refer to Guard Captain.

Public Links

Offers to the Prison

You can donate some money or items to the City Barracks.

Clean the prisons

Cleaning the prison is an entry job for the newborn.

  • Conditions: None
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Glut required: 2%
  • Energy required: 16%
  • Gain: 5 coins

Reserved Links


The Guard Captain can access the Barracks storage.

Noble and Royal Titles

By clicking this link, the Judge can assign some titles:

Manage prisoners

Here the Guard Captain can look a the imprisoned players and can free them by specifying a reason. A Prison can host 7 criminals at most.



Manage Restrain Orders

From this page a Guard Captain can create or cancel Restrain Orders. For the effects, see Guard_Captain#Restrain.





The Guard captain can rest in the Barracks. See Resting.

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