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Pigs Farm

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A Pigs Farm in the game

The Pigs Farm is a Farm where you can gather Manure Heap, and at the end of the cycle to get Meat

[edit] Gather items

Manure Heap (36 max per 3 day)
Source: Cows, Pigs and Sheep | Basic time: 3 day
Tool: Iron Bucket
Food neded: Hay (Cows and Sheep) or Wheat Bag (Pigs)
Secondary product: Milk (Cows and Sheep)
See Farm for details

[edit] Salvage items

Meat (108 for Pigs, 30 for Cows max per 15 day)
Source: Pigs or Cows | Basic time: 15 day
Tool: Knife
Food neded: Wheat Bag
See Farm for details

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