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[edit] The Academy

Academy 1.jpg
Owner: Academy Director
Titles: 1 Director Assistant
Storage: 10.000 kg
Rest Level: 6.74
Project Launch: Regent
Levels: 2

The Academy is managed by the Academy Director. In the Academy you can study and improve your skills.

Currently the following courses are available:

  • Retorica and Grammar (Increases Carisma)
  • Logic, Arts and Literature (Increases Intelligence)

Following Skill Courses can be installed:

[edit] Public Links


By clicking this link you can donate some money or items to the Academy.

[edit] Info

By clicking this link you will see some information about who founded the Academy and who contributed to build it.



[edit] Study

By clicking this link you will be able to study to improve your attributes (intelligence or charisma) or gain skills. You can study the course at a level that will increase your current attribute value by 1. For example, if your carisma is one, you will be able to study a level 2 course. The time for completing a course increases directly with the level.

In order to learn a skill you will need to study or train a certain number of hours, depending on the number of skills you have.

You will need to hold a Writing Kit in order to study.

The Academy Director should assure that the Academy has enough paper. A single piece of paper can be used for one hour of lesson. The Academy Director can deposit paper pieces in the Academy storage.



[edit] Reserved Links

[edit] Storage

You can see what's stored in the structure and take stored items.

[edit] Manage

[edit] Set Building Hourly Wage

You can set a hourly wage for people who will help upgrade the structure.

[edit] Set Building Description

You can set a description for the structure.

[edit] Set Building Image

You can set an image for the structure.

[edit] Rest

Academy Director can rest in the structure.

[edit] Lessons Cost

In this page the Academy Director can set the Lessons Hourly Price.

[edit] Increase Level

In this page the Academy Director can start the activities to upgrade the structure.


Iron Wood Stone Work hours Benefit
Level 1 1000 2000 2000 4000 Basic courses
Level 2 900 1100 1100 1300 Install a new course

[edit] RP Titles

You can view and assign the following RP titles:

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