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The Academy

Academy 1.jpg
Owner: Academy Director
Titles: 1 Director Assistant
Rest Level: 6.74
Project Launch: Regent
Resources: 2000 Wood Pieces
2000 Stone Pieces
1000 Iron Pieces
Time: 4000 hours

The Academy is managed by the Academy Director. In the Academy you can study and improve your skills. Currently the following courses are available:

  • Retorica and Grammar (Increases Carisma)
  • Logic, Arts and Literature (Increases Intelligence)

Public Links

By clicking this link you can donate some money or items to the Academy.


By clicking this link you will see some information about who founded the Academy and who contributed to build it.




By clicking this link you will be able to study and then improve your attributes. You can study the course at a level that will increase your current attribute value by 1. For example, if your carisma is one, you will be able to study a level 2 course.

The time for completing a course increases directly with the level.

The Academy Director should assure that the Academy has enough paper. A single piece of paper can be used for three hours of lesson. The Academy Director can deposit paper pieces in the Academy storage.



Reserved Links


You can see what's stored in the structure and take stored items.


Assign Noble Roles

You can view and assign titles.

Set Courses Hourly Price

In this page the Academy Director can set the Courses Hourly Price. Two different prices can be set for citizens and foreigners.



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