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A role that players can play in the game. Regents are rulers of a nation. Most nations are kingdoms, hence the regent is called King or Queen, but there are also Empires, Principalities, etc. where regents have different titles.


Age : At least 90 days old

Requir. Attribute level : Charisma >= 16


  • Divide taxes between Palace and Castles
  • Assign Vassals and bestow higher level Noble Titles and administrative titles
  • Change Diplomatic relations
  • Publish and update Government Announcements, Laws, Kingdom Information, Kingdom motto, Welcome message, etc.
  • Start the construction of projects: Castle, Academy, Training Grounds
  • Organize the Kingdom and its citizens

How a regent implements those duties that are not bound to a strict game mechanic is up to the regent. For more information see : Royal Palace

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