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Recuperate Iron

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Recuperateiron.png Description: This skill permits to recuperate iron from consumed items containing iron
How to gain it: Study Metallurgy I at Academy
Increase: 1% Per action
Decrease: 0.1% Daily

This skill permits to recuperate iron from items containing iron. In order to do that, the Player will need to have in the Blacksmith Storage:

  • a Furnace;
  • 5 Coal Pieces;
  • some items with condition < 100% and containing iron.

To recuperate iron, the character will need to click on the furnace and then click Recuperate Iron. Once the action finishes, all the items in the shop inventory containing iron and with condition < 100 will be destroyed and he will find the corresponding iron pieces in the shop inventory accordingly to the following formula:

  Recuperated Iron = f( ironusedinitems, proficiency )


Iron Used 100
Proficiency 10.00% 20.00% 70.00% 100.00%
Recuperated Iron 44 48 68 80


If a longsword (15 iron pieces) and a pickaxe (8 iron pieces) is put in the blacksmith inventory, and the skill proficiency is at 10%, after the action Recuperate Iron finishes the player will find in his inventory around 10 pieces of iron.

[edit] Action: Recuperate iron

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Energy required: (20%)
  • Glut required: (20%)
  • Must Equip: Shovel
  • Required Items: 5 Coal Pieces, Furnace, items with iron
  • Consumption: Shovel (high), Furnace (0.25%), clothes (very high)
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