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[edit] Food

Almost every action you do in Medieval Europe will consume your Glut. Even if you do nothing all day, your Glut will be consumed by a factor of 16% every 24 hours.

You can recover Glut with food. Food is divided in two main categories:

  • Simple: Issued from Fields, Farms or Fishing;
  • Complex: Issued from crafting in the Inn.

Obviously complex food recovery is way greater than simple one.

[edit] How to get food

  • You can Fish;
  • You can buy it at the market;
  • You can vote for Medieval Europe on a Toplist if your age is <= 90 days. This will restore your Glut by 2%;
  • You can breed animals in Farms;
  • You can cook it in a Inn.

[edit] List of all Game Food

Item Type Glut restored Energy restored Health restored
Bread Complex 8% 0% 0%
Cheese Complex 50% 0% 0%
Fish Simple 12% 0% 0%
Fish soup Complex 70% 0% 0%
Honey Simple 4% 0% 0%
Meat Simple 14% 0% 0%
Meat soup Complex 70% 0% 0%
Milk Simple 4% 0% 0%
Mulberry Simple 2% 0% 0%
Mulberry cake Complex 40% 0% 0%

[edit] Drinks

To recuperate Energy, you can consume drinks. Drinking will increase your Intoxication Level (IL)

[edit] The Intoxication Level

Intoxication level (IL) represents how much the character is intoxicated by alcohol. It ranges from 0 to infinity.

  • at IL 50, the character is drunk and gets a penalty on attributes;
  • at IL 100, the character passes out for six hours, regardless of constitution (blocking action).

IL is raised by drinks as per the following table, modified by a random factor going from -2 to +2.

Drink Energy increase Base IL increase
Beer 4% 5
Mead 10% 11
Wine 14% 16
Brandy 30% 33

Every 30 minutes of game time every character's Intoxication Level is reduced by 3 points. If the Intoxication level goes down '50, the corresponding attribute penalties will be reduced.

Example 1

  IL: 70
  [time passes without drinking...]
  IL: 50
  [time passes without drinking...]
  IL: 47 => attribute penalties are canceled, the char is no more drunk.

Example 2

  IL: 100 => Char passed out
  [time passes without drinking...]
  IL: 58 => Char is still passed out 
  [time passes without drinking...] => 
  IL: 51 => Char wakes up but has still attributes penalties
  [time passes without drinking...] => 
  48 => attribute penalties are canceled

Example 3

  IL: 90
  [Char drinks x3 Brandy]
  IL: 189 => Char Collapses
  [time passes without drinking...]
  IL: 160 => Char is still passed out

[edit] Drunk Status

If the player gets drunk the following malus are applied:

Attribute Malus
Intelligence -6 points
Dexterity -3 points
Strength -3 points

When the character IL gets under 50 is no more drunk and the penalties will disappear.

[edit] Passed out Status

If a character drinks too much and IL gets over 100 can pass out and being blocked. The duration of the blocking action is 6 hours.

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