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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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[edit] I can't register on the forum, why?

When you click the book icon, the system registers your character automatically and sends an email with the user and password to the email you registered with. Please check your email account (also the spam folder) and proceed to login into the forum. If you didn't receive any such email, please try to recover the password using the Forum Resend Password function specifying the email address used in-game registration:

[edit] How can I validate my account?

First, go into your account page (link Account on the top-horizontal menu). If it says status: active, you don't have to do anything.

If you need to validate your account:

  1. Resend email for account validation at this link: Resend validation token
  2. Follow email instructions in order to validate your account.

[edit] I would like to change my name, what can I do?

Check Paid Services page.

[edit] I distributed wrongly my attributes, what can I do?

You can use the function that you find in the Character Dashboard if your character is younger than 30 days. If you already used the feature and made another mistake, check Paid Services page.

[edit] There is no King in my kingdom, how do I become one?

"That's a good question, it's important that the kingdoms become active as soon as possible. To become a king you will need to have a certain age, charisma and some coins (See En_US_royalpalace for details.) If you can gather that kind of money, and there is a vacant position, go for it!"

[edit] I have just started. What shall I do?

"You will have a few coins. Complete the tutorial to get more coins, items, and free bonuses."

[edit] I bought a field, and a seed, how do I plant it?

"Well, like in real life, you're going to need some tools - A hoe and a fertilizer are required to sow your field. To use the hoe, point over it and choose the ==Wear== feature. Seeds and fertilizer must be put in the Terrain storage."

[edit] Okay, where can I get a hoe?

"You can buy it at the market or ask your Constable or Vassal for one."

[edit] There is no bread/food on the market, my character is going to die!

"Medieval Europe has taken into consideration this possibility and has put in place a system that allows users to obtain a little coin. This can be achieved by working in prisons. You will receive some coins and waste very little glut and energy. You may want to consider being a baker yourself, and take advantage of the shortage and ever-increasing demand. If in desperate need, you can vote for ME to get some coins."

[edit] What are the Red, Blue and Green bars for in the game?

"The Red bar represents your character's health. Health can be decreased through starvation and injury in combat. The Blue bar represents your character's energy. Energy is decreased whenever you perform an action. You can increase energy through rest, or by eating some food. The Green bar represents your character's satiety. Satiety decreases through actions, and also by 8% every day. You can increase satiety by eating."

[edit] I tried to mine/ Chop wood, but it wouldn't let me, why?

"You will need a pickaxe to mine, and a hatchet to chop wood. You must select the ==Wear== function for the correct tool. Otherwise, you will be unable to perform that action. "

[edit] I want to go away on holiday, but my character will die !

"You can 'Pray and Meditate' by selecting the link at the top submenu in the Region View page. This is similar to other game's "Holiday Mode" features. While in this mode, your character doesn't need to be fed."

[edit] My animals keep dying, why is this?

"Your animals need to eat, just like your character. They require food, the amount of which is displayed on the Wiki. If you fail to feed them, they will die."

[edit] How do I milk and slaughter my animals?

"A bucket is required to collect milk. You may milk cows or sheep every third day. A knife is required to slaughter the livestock, which produces meat. You may slaughter your livestock on the 15th day, and must do so by the end of the 20th day."

[edit] How do I buy a hut, field, workshop or farm ?

"This can all be done by looking at the options available in the ==Castle== menu or trough the ==Small Village== structure. Animals can be bought if the region has them, you will see a structure."

[edit] How do I make money?

  1. Producing goods to sell on the market is the main way of making money;
  2. Trading from city to city;
  3. Cleaning the prison is also a way to both make new money and gain a loaf of bread;
  4. Writing posts for the International Blog (send them to support);
  5. Spotting and reporting inconsistencies on Wiki (post Errors here).
  6. Vote Medieval Europe to gain coins, bread or energy.

[edit] How do I buy new clothes?

"Your city may have a tailor selling clothes in the Marketplace. There will be an exciting new dressing system coming, later on, this will put the spotlight on the tailor profession. Contact a tailor to buy some clothes. You may want to consider being a tailor to take advantage of market needs."

[edit] I donated something by mistake, how do I get it back?

"Unfortunately, the only option you have is to ask the person for it back and explain that you did it by accident. Most of the players are very kind-hearted and welcoming, and this is the late dark ages, so I should expect them to respond warmly and with open arms. "

[edit] What is the "Condition" of my equipment?

"This refers to the physical condition it is in currently, 100% being the best condition and 0% being broken. The attributes of the equipment, clothing or armor, will decrease as the condition falls. The condition will fall through use in functions.

[edit] I started creating a hoe, but I pressed "cancel" because I wanted to make a hatchet instead, but my items have gone now!?

"Cancelling any production action will cause your materials to be lost. Think very carefully before you do this. "

[edit] If you upgrade a workshop does the value increase?

"Yes because to craft some items (like the Wooden Cart) big storage is needed. The shop eventually can be sold on the market."

[edit] Suddenly I lost 16% glut. Why?

Every day 16% glut is removed from the character.

[edit] Can a Kingdom name be changed?

Yes. Check Paid Services page.

[edit] Can I merge my Kingdom with another one?

Yes. Check Paid Services page.

[edit] I encountered a bug or need to contact the game admins for some other reason. How can I do that?

Open a support ticket. You will need a valid email address to see their reply.

[edit] How can I communicate with the other players?

Most of the time you will simply send messages to one other player. The game also has a global chat, a kingdom chat, the government announcements, discord, the groups which offer chatroom and mass mail for all members. And then there is this wiki. Some players/ kingdoms use external communication such as skype, IRC, discord chat, ...

[edit] I want to work in a mine to get some resources, but it says it may be depleted. What should I do?

The mine is temporarily depleted and will not give much output or none at all. If you tried to do this queued 2 or 3 times, maybe it will be enough to just do it 1 or 2 times, but you should probably wait for a day or two so the mine will refill and then try again. You can also look at how many other people are working in the mine at this moment, so you see how tough the competition for its resources is right now: You can check the character list in the region or ask the tower guard if one exists there.

[edit] What is the fast travel network?

A feature you can use when you have the travel bonus package. It allows you to not only travel from one region to the next but to travel from one network node to the next, so you don't need to log in so often. You can make the network visible on the travel page with its button above the map.

[edit] What does the travel bonus do?

It allows you to travel 50% faster on land or for free on the sea.

[edit] I am carrying so much stuff that I am overloaded. Now I need to spend a lot of money to travel by sea and much glut and energy to travel by land. Is there a way to help me avoid this?

You can buy a cart from a market or make one in a carpenter shop. A small cart will give you a +300kg carrying capacity. You can also buy the professional cart with doubloons that will be even better. Or you can buy a travel package with doubloons which allow you to travel by sea for free, even if you are overloaded. It will not help you with land travel in this matter much though.

[edit] I am low on glut and / or energy and I am in a region without a market or prison to get food / a tavern to sleep. How can I leave this region? Will, I die now?

You can buy a hut from the castle or village to sleep in. You can vote every day for energy, so even if you don't find a place to sleep, you can get enough energy to continue traveling. You should always have some food with you to avoid this situation. Send a message to your king/ queen or someone nearby, so they can send you some food. This will probably take a while, it depends on how far away you are from the sender.

[edit] Most characters look alike, how can I make mine look differently?

You can change what your character wears. You can dye your clothes using the option in your inventory. You need to have a dye pot in your inventory as well and will get to choose from a variety of colors.

And you can buy the atelier license for 150 doubloons. It will add a "configure appearance"-link to your inventory page, which brings you to a screen where you can upload images to replace each standard image for clothing, physical features like hair and face or arms and armor. Additional costs in doubloons will have to be paid for the admin's approval of your images or to buy images from the administrators themselves.

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