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It is possible to ask for the following paid services by making a request via Discord or In-game mail to the proper administrator. Click on the Service name for more details.

Services Cost
Change Birth Place 1,000 doubloons
Change Character Name Game age <= 30 days: 1,000 doubloons

Game age > 30 days: 2,000 doubloons

Change Email 1,000 doubloons
Merge 2 Kingdoms 50,000 doubloons
Split a Kingdom 50,000 doubloons
Change Kingdom Name 20,000 doubloons
Change Region Name 1,000 doubloons
Change Regent Title 2,000 Doubloons
Restore a Dead Character 5,000 doubloons
Redistribute attributes Age less than or equal to 60 days: 1,000 doubloons

Age greater than 60 days: 1-50 points to reshuffle: 3,000 doubloons

51-60 points to reshuffle: 5,000 doubloons

61-80 points to reshuffle: 8,000 doubloons


  • Failure to pay the doubloons will see the Admins undo what they did and that player may be blocked from making any service requests in the future.
  • A restored dead character doesn't guarantee that they will return with what they once had in their inventory.
  • Merging a Kingdom must be approved by both regents and with the blessing of the admins and the communities of both Kingdoms.
  • The Date of the birth of a character cannot be changed. It is hardcoded when the character is created.
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