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Merge Kingdoms

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A Regent may ask (by messaging the Administration) to Merge Kingdom A with Kingdom B.


[edit] Requirements

  1. Any merge request will be evaluated by Administration and can be denied at Administration will;
  2. Service won’t be available if one of the Kingdoms is engaged in a war;
  3. The Kingdom, once merged, should not have more than 25 regions;
  4. The ticket should contain a link to a forum post with a mandatory contract/letter in the related RP Kingdom Board where both Regent officially agree to the merge. The post should contain also the New Kingdom name and which player will be the new Regent;
  5. Heraldry of the New Kingdom should be provided by the New Regent if the current one is not wanted (ratio: 5:6 (500x600px).

[edit] Effects

If Kingdom B merges in Kingdom A:

  1. The Royal PalaceB will be destroyed; (It is Regent duty to remove all items from the Royal Palace before opening the ticket)
  2. All CastlesB will point to RoyalPalaceA;
  3. Regions A will be assigned to KingdomB;
  4. Heraldry will be updated as per indications of Regent;
  5. Kingdom name will be updated as per indications of Regent;
  6. RegentB will be removed from his role;
  7. LawsB will be deleted;
  8. All Roleplay Titles of Kingdom B citizens will be removed;
  9. Announcements A will be merged with Announcements B. Regent will amend Laws after the merge;
  10. An announcement will be published on Town Crier

[edit] Costs

  1. Merge Kingdoms: 9,000 Doubloons
  2. Optional service: change New Kingdom Name: 6000 Doubloons
  3. Optional service: change Regent Title: 1800 Doubloons

[edit] Informations to provide in the ticket

  1. Kingdoms that should be merged;
  2. Name of Kingdom of destination;
  3. Link to Heraldry/Coat of Arms (Aspect Ration 5:6 (500x600px);
  4. Link to Topic with Role/play that justifies the new Kingdom Creation;
  5. Sentence: “I confirm Administration can take xxx doubloons from my account”.
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