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If your character died, it is possible to resurrect him/her. To make the resurrection of a character easier, when a character dies all the data will be stored in archive tables. After three months the character data will be wiped also from the archived tables and it won't be possible to recuperate the data.

For the character that die after the release installation it will be possible to recuperate:

  • Attributes
  • Titles
  • Stats
  • Structures
  • Items
  • Messages
  • Events
  Note: This is a service for recuperating Characters that died because of a internet or real life problem or a distraction. It is not available for characters died 
  because of a Administrative Ban/Eradication or because the player publicly declared he wanted to Quit the game.

[edit] Costs

  • Complete Restore: 20 USD, (contact Support for payment terms) or 4.500 doubloons, that should be sent to character Lord of Donuts.
  • Partial Restore (all attributes Str, Dex, Intelligence, Charisma, Constitution) downgraded by 30%: Free

[edit] Ticket

Please send a ticket containing:

  Name of the dead character
  Copy of the event where you send 4500 doubloons to Guglielmo Di Valenza or the evidence of transaction of 20 Euro
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