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Restore Character

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If your character died, it is possible to resurrect him/her.

For the character that dies after the release installation it will be possible to recuperate:

The character & nothing else.

  Notes: 1) This is a service for recuperating Characters that died because of the internet or real-life problem or a distraction. It is not available for characters that die because of an Administrative Ban/Eradication or because the player publicly declared he wanted to Quit the game.
         2) Items do sometimes return with a character, this isn't a guarantee though.   

[edit] Costs

  • Restore: Contact MEAdmin3 or 5,000 doubloons, that should be sent to character Jack Ker.

[edit] Ticket

Please send a request to MEAdmin3 on Discord containing:

  Name of the dead character
  The region they were born
  Current Email address
  Copy of the event where you send 5,000 doubloons to Jack ker.
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