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Change a Kingdom Name

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It is possible to open a ticket through support and ask for a Kingdom Name Change.

[edit] Rules

  1. A name change for a Kingdom can be requested after a succesfull revolt, a succesfull kingdom conquer, a Regent order/wish. In case a Regent wishes to rename the Kingdom, there is a cooldown of three months before he can request a new name change
  2. A Role Play that justifies the new Kingdom Name must be published on the forum, in the Kingdom Board and copied on to English Town Crier
  3. The new name should be a 'Kingdom' or an alternative name but it couldn't be County, Duchy etc.
  4. The new name does not need to reflect strictly what happened in real history but the name should be related to Medieval Ages
  5. Regent should provide high quality heraldry for the new Kingdom or ask a quote to Dynamo Production for heraldry graphic (price: 4500 doubloons)
  6. It is possible to change the Capital name too. The name should not reflect strictly what happened in real history but the name should be related to Medieval Ages. It is not possible to make another Kingdom region Capital
  7. The old forum boards will be renamed with the new names

[edit] Some Example of accepted Kingdom Types

Kingdom Type Regent name (M) Regent name (F)
Tsardom Tsar Tsarina
Empire Emperor Empress
Kingdom King Queen
Grand Principality Grand Prince Grand Princess
Grand Duchy Grand Duke Grand Dukess
Sultanate Sultan Sultanah
Caliphate Caliph Calipha

Kingdom Names not in this list will be evaluated by Administration for Approval.

[edit] Ticket

In the ticket please specify:

  Old Kingdom Name
  New Kingdom Name
  Link to Heraldry/Coat of Arms (aspect ratio 5:6, 500x600px)
  (copy of the event where you send doubloons to Guglielmo Di Valenza)
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