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Split Kingdom

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A Regent will be able to upgrade a owned region to a Capital/Kingdom and donate it to a character, eventually with some Regions. The Request can be made by the Regent because he wants to promote a Citizen or because is forced due to an internal or external menace.


[edit] Requirements

  1. Any New Kingdom Request will be evaluated by Administration and can be denied at Administration will;
  2. Service won’t be available if one of the Kingdoms is engaged in a war;
  3. The ticket should contain a link to a forum post with a mandatory contract/letter or Role Play in the related RP Kingdom Board where both Regent officially agree to the creation of New Kingdom. The post should contain also the New Kingdom name and which player will be the new Regent;
  4. The total number of Kingdoms existing in ME World can be 50 at max. Request will be denied if the total number of Kingdoms after the creation of new kingdom will be more than 50;
  5. Heraldry of the New Kingdom should be provided by the New Regent if the current one is not wanted (ratio: 5:6 (500x600px);
  6. Kingdom Name should be compatible with the Middle Ages Settings;
  7. Region that should be upgraded to capital must have a Castle.

[edit] Effects

Regent of Kingdom A ask for upgrades region A1 to Capital/Kingdom B and donates Region A2 to Kingdom B.

  1. The Royal Palace of Kingdom B will be created;
  2. All Castles of A2 will point to Royal Palace;
  3. Regions A2 will be assigned to Kingdom B;
  4. Heraldry will be created as per indications of New Regent;
  5. Kingdom name will be updated as per indications of New Regent;
  6. Regent of Kingdom B will be crowned King if it fits the requirement;
  7. Kingdom B will be initialized (Taxes all to 0%, All diplomacy statuses to neutral);
  8. Boards for Kingdom B will be created;
  9. An announcement will be published on Town Crier.

[edit] Costs

Split Kingdoms: 40,000 doubloons

[edit] Information to provide in the ticket

  1. New name of Kingdom;
  2. Name of the New Kingdom Regent;
  3. Region that will be the Capital;
  4. Name of regions that are donated;
  5. Link to Heraldry/Coat of Arms (Aspect Ration 5:6 (500x600px)
  6. Copy of event that confirms that 40,000 doubloons have been sent to Jack Ker
  7. Link to Topic with Role/play that justifies the new Kingdom Creation;
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