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Since release 2.9.5, a character will be able to build a specific path/profile for his character by choosing which skills invest his time and resources.

A character may have at max 3 skills, and cost of learning skills increases depending on how many skills the character has. Since every day skill proficiency is reduced, the player will need to choose which skills to learn and which one to mantain.

Gaining a skill

Players will be able to earn skills by studying c/o Academy or Training Grounds or by completing Quests. The number of hours to learn a skill increases directly with the number of skill owned:

Owned Skills Needed Hours for next skill Days needed (9hrs x day) Months
0 270 30 1
1 300 33 1.1
2 510 57 1.9

Available Skills

Skill Description How to gain it Increase Decrease
Recuperate Iron Get back iron from used items Study Metallurgy I at Academy 1% for every action 0.1%
Parry Parry your opponent with your weapon or shield. Study Fight Techniques I at Training Grounds round(100-Skill proficiency)/130+0.2,2)% 0.3%

Using a skill

When the player earns the skills his proficiency will be set initially at 10%. Whenever the player uses the skills, it will increase by a factor x that depends it the action related to skill was successful or not (If applicable). Skill proficiency decreases by a factor y every 24 hours. Factor x and y depends on the skill.

  Note: If the player is meditating (holiday mode), the skill won’t decrease.

Managing a skill

You can view or remove your skills in the Character Detail page:


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