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Parry.png Description: Parry your opponent hits with your weapon or shield.
How to gain it: Study Fight Techniques I at Training Grounds
Increase: round(100-Skill proficiency)/130+0.2,2)% for every failed parry try
Decrease: 0.3% Daily

The Skill parry gives to the character an additional defense option in battle. The skill parry is activated only the defender holds a weapon or a shield.

If an enemy successfully rolls to hit and the defender has the parry skills, he will have the following chance to parry the hit:

  Chance to parry = Skill proficiency * 50%

The chance to parry can go from 0% to 50%.

If the player tries to parry the hit and fails, the proficiency will be increased by:

  Delta Proficiency: round((100-skillproficiency)/130+0.2*failedparry,2)

If the players tries to parry and succeeds, the skill proficiency won’t increase.

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