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Patriarchal Church Sacred Texts

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Triune Patriarch
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[edit] The Sacred Texts

[edit] The Genesis

In the beginning, there was Deus. He was alone. He was triune. For in Him lived Flesh, Life and Will. And He was endless and eternal, and His thoughts and His deeds were beyond one's understanding, for mysterious are the ways of Deus.

In the mysterious ways Deus's idea about Existence came into being and He put in it the parts of His Flesh, Life and Will and that's how the world was created, and everything inhabiting it.

At first, the idea brought the joy of Creation to Deus and it shined like a flaming Sun, that gives warmth and the love of Deus. But empty was the Creation and there was no one to give Deus's love to. The Lord felt sad and the sky became dark, and the Moon's pale tristful face and the twinkling stars dim as Deus's tears decorated the night sky. Since then joy and sorrow, the Moon and the Sun, day and night, change the face of Deus's Creation.

And the Lord took His flesh and sculpted the Earth. Long-time He worked, and His sweat dripped upon His Creation and that's how the boundless salty seas appeared on the face of the Earth. So hard He worked sculpting valleys and mountains, and lowlands, and hills, and so beautiful was everything He created by His hands, and the tears of joy dripped from His eyes and poured upon the Earth as a lifegiving rain. Those sweet drops soaked in the Earth's flesh, but, being unable to exist without Deus's Joy, broke out in creeks and rivers.

After sculpting the Earth's shape, Deus's decided to inhabit it with the living beings and herbs. Again He started to sculpt figures and shapes out of His flesh, but lifeless they were as marble statues, and then the Lord took a part of His Life and inspirited the motionless figures. And the Earth filled with life and lots of Deus's creatures began to crawl, swim, fly, and jump being pleased by the Earth the Lord granted them as their home. The colorful birds floated in the skies, and frolicsome fish played in silvery pools, and the flocks leaped upon the boundless fields. And the Creation was diverse and plentiful.

Long-time the Creator rejoiced at His Creation but soon became bored with the birds, fish, beasts, and the other living creatures, for they lived by the path of Deus's will, having not their own will and unable to create anything new. Then the Lord took a part of His flesh and inspirited it with life, the flesh seethed but remained shapeless, for the Lord hadn't given it any shape. Then Deus inbreathed it with His Will, and the flesh seethed even more and created itself an image apart from Deus's intention. And when Deus's Will was done forming the flesh animated, a man arose from the hands of Deus. And the man was in the image and likeness of Deus, for he had Flesh, Life, and Will, and he could live and think in his own way.

And the Lord considered the man to be Lord of Creation and Lord of the Earth by the name of Deus and to His glory.

[edit] Sin and Lianathas's Rebellion

People lived on Earth and they didn't know about diseases and death because their souls were clean and inside of them the Will of Deus was pure. But disperse was that Will, for it, was incomplete and just a detached part of Deus's Will. In its incompletion every year of men's endless life it moved away from its preimage. A man could wish what was forbidden considering himself almighty and desired to have more than his brothers did, and the others became the envy of what their brother had, and another one wished to be Deus himself amongst his brothers and rule them according to his own needs. And the longer they lived the darker and more vicious became men's will, and Deus saw that and felt sad. Out of that sadness, the Great night came and it's been lasting for 3 days and nights, and when the Sun rose, people learned about death for the first time. And the Lord told them: "Weak is your Will and tends to sin, and the longer you live the more in sins you wallow. So short will be the days of your lives, and those who live righteously and evade from sins will arise and their Will will become a part of my Will and they will live in eternal blessedness in my Kingdom that I will create for them. But those who can not keep their Will pure and who give in to sins - those will be doomed to suffer for eternity in Gehenna that I will create for them deep inside the Earth".

So told the Lord and so He did. Since then short are the days of men's lives and no one knows when the end comes. And the diseases of Sin eat away men's flesh, and the more vicious a man is the shorter his days become and the closer a judgment day comes. When the sparkle of Life goes out, a man's Will rises and stands before Deus's judgment. If a man lived his life according to Deus and never have been disgraced by sin - then the Gates of Heaven open up before him. But if his Will is tainted by sins - it will be banished to the fiery Gehenna, where it will be doomed to suffer until the end of all days without hope and relief, but in pain and despair.

So many years have passed, people were born and passing away. Many of them rose to Heaven with the angels, but there were enough of those whose Will was banished off to the fiery Gehenna for their sins. Amongst them was king Lianathas, who wallowed in sins unimaginable during his life, who was torturing and killing people for his pleasure, who stained his Will with forbidden black magic and who drank the blood of babies at unholy rituals hoping to get their life's sparkle and find eternal life and power over the Earth. But his own people raised against him, unable to stand his tyranny anymore, and they tore him apart and scattered his flesh all over the kingdom so that nobody knows where his loathsome grave is.

But even damned and banished deep inside the Earth so strong was his black Will that in despair and pain he found relief and he swore that he will raise to Heaven and overthrow Lord Deus Himself, to become Creator and Lord and alter the Earth in his own image and likeness, and enslave all the living by his own unholy Will. Experienced in black magic, he devoured the strongest and the most rotten souls languishing in the fiery kingdom of Gehenna and soon he became so powerful as to proclaim himself a king of Gehenna and he tempted souls of the sinners by promises of freedom and relief, inspired them with hope and began to gather the horde of fallen spirits to break out of his fiery gaol and declare war to the Heavenly Kingdom.

And the day came when the depths of the Earth was open and the fiery rivers streamed down the mountains' slopes. The horde of the fallen rushed upon the Earth and above them Lianathas himself, and his figure was so dreadful that people ran in fear and hid to save their lives and their children. And Lianathas with his hordes marched bringing fire and death to the Earth but could not raise up to the Heavens. Being enraged, Lianathas began to shed his hatred upon people even more and many a man perished off his rage. People prayed to the Heavens for salvation and the Lord heard their prayers. He gathered the angels of Heaven and descended to fight the fallen rebels. The fight was lasting for 3 days and 3 nights, and finally, the Lord in the image of mighty archangel fought the king of Gehenna himself and banished him off into his forever cursed domain again. Without their king, the fallen rushed to escape, but the angels brought them back into the depths of the Earth. And the Lord has chained Lianathas forever to the iron throne in the very center of Gehenna so that he could not lead the fallen onto the face of the Earth again and cause people any eviler.

Since then, however, subterranean spirits sometimes break out and roam among people confusing their minds and tempt them into sin, as they're told by their master, the king of Gehenna, Lord of the Fallen - Lianathas the Damned.

[edit] The Laws

The Earth recovered slowly from the war against Lianathas's demons, and people remained in fear and doubts, for they didn't know what is sin and what is holiness, and they had neither laws nor Deus's shepherds to rule them with Deus's words and wisdom.

The Lord saw people's suffering and in His mercy sent The Messenger on earth who was born in flesh and was named Mithelin. He had grown up to be a righteous and wise man, a brave warrior and a cunning adviser, and for his wisdom he was elected to be a king, to rule the people and protect them from evil. And he was king heaven-born, and Deus was always in his heart and in his mind. Many a valor battle he won against his enemies and brought a lot of joy to his people.

But people still lived without the law and there was a lot of injustice among them, and many people gave in to sin through ill will or because of lack of knowledge. Days and nights Mithelin prayed for Lord Deus to show mercy and set his people on the right path. And his prayers were heard; while he was dreaming, the Lord sent him rules and laws on how to live upright and avoid the fiery Gehenna, and on what is a sin.

And Mithelin gathered his people and showed them Deus's laws and told them to live according to those laws, and told to write them down to judge by the laws which are pleasing Deus and punishing Sin.

[edit] The Codex of Mithelin

І. Honor the Lord Deus Triune and remember that you are the flesh of His Flesh, and life of His Life, and will of His Will. And we all are His children and He's our only Father. And He knows your thoughts and acts, and there are no secrets for Him, and everyone is to be faced His judgment at the end of the life path.

ІІ. Bring the word of Deus unto the infidels to open their hearts for the Lord, so their souls could be saved from sin and eternal damnation in the fiery Gehenna.

ІІІ.And if one of them tells you that there's no Deus or he worships idols or false Deuss, then you must know that there is Lianathas's pride in him. Bless him with a sign of Triune Deus, and if you don't find repentance in his soul - know that this is a mortal sin and he is condemned to the fiery Gehenna.

ІV. And there's no sin as deadly as not to honor your Father. For the Lord gave you your Father to guide you and educate you. And if you see someone dishonoring Father, reproach them with dishonoring The Lord Deus.

V. Honor your confessor, for he is your second Father, and he is to set you on the right path and to open your heart unto the Lord Deus Triune.

VI. Lost are the people dishonoring their King, for the King is the Father to the people and is sent by the Lord Triune Deus to lead the right way. And the one who revolts against the King commits a mortal sin and is condemned to suffer eternally in the fiery Gehenna.

VІI. Do not desire other's possessions - neither goods nor wife nor titles, for the Lord Deus rewards everyone deservedly, and He is the one who gives and takes. If you take by yourself you consider yourself equal to the Lord and thus commit a mortal sin.

VІIІ. Don't you take a man's life away, for the Lord Deus gave a sparkle of Life to a man and He alone decides for how long a man lives. And if you dare to murder - your soul will be burdened with mortal sin and will be condemned to the fiery Gehenna.

ІX. Do not commit sin by word of mouth or intentionally against the Lord, the King, the Confessor and your Father. For by telling lies to your shepherds you pave your way to the fiery Gehenna and eternal sufferings.

X. Do not take the Lord's name in vain, do not swear and do not use foul language, for those are of Lianathas and not of the Lord, and tempt you into sin.

XI. And the Lord gave your Flesh and Life into your King who is free to take them away from you, for the Lord's Will shows itself through your King. And the Lord gave your Will into your Confessor who is sent by the Lord Deus as a guiding light showing the blessed way through the ocean of sin to the Heavenly Kingdom.

XII. And render unto the King the things which are King's and unto the Confessor the things which are spiritual so they do not dispute, but beware of false prophets and bloody tyrants which are sent by Lianathas's servants to divert people from the path to Heaven and tempt them into sins.

By those laws, Mithelin ruled his people and the people prospered and grew in power instilling fear in their infidel enemies. And those were the times of Golden Age, and the songs were composed about that era, and Mithelin's Kingdom was called Heaven on Earth. When Mithelin went to the throne of Triune Deus he took place on the right side of the Lord and judged and punished men's sins alongside Him as the Archangel and Archistratege of Deus's Army.

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