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Dishearten Leader

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[edit] Removing a Religious Leader

For many reasons it could be necessary to remove an inactive or an uncommitted Religion Leader. It's in the best interest for the Game and the players to have active Religious Leaders with a suitable project for their Church.

For this reasons, a Religious Leader can be disheartened by his followers or (in exceptional cases) by the Administration in case of:

  • Inactivity
  • Low Committment
  • Improper Religion management
  • Political Reason

[edit] Who can open a Dishearten Procedure?

A Disheartening Procedure can be opened by any Clergy Member or Follower with at least 'Churchgoer' Badge of the same Church of the Leader to be Disheartened.

[edit] How such a procedure can be opened?

The Requester should open a ticket to support containing the reason for the request. The requester will remain anonymous. It is not possible to open a Disheartening Procedure if the Religious Leader has been ruling for less than 3 months.

If the request is accepted by Administration, a public poll will be created on the forum. This poll will ask the question "Do you want the current Leader of <church> to be removed?". Only the players that are followers of that Church at the time the poll is opened can vote and the list will be published in the poll text.

[edit] Vote

During the Voting Procedure, the Religious Leader or any Clergy Member must not:

  • Change the Church Hierarchy in any way;
  • Excommunicate a Church member;
  • Initiate any character.

In order to Dishearten the Leader, at least 50% +1 of who effectively voted must vote YES.

[edit] What happens if the Religious Leader is disheartened?

If disheartened, the Religious Leader will be removed by Administration and a new Leader will be searched.

[edit] What happens if the Religious Leader is NOT disheartened?

Another procedure can be called after at least three months.


A follower of the church A opens a Disheartening Role Procedure on 1st January 1316. A poll is opened by Administration on forum. After 7 days 54 followers voted. 31 voted for having a new leader, 23 voted for keeping the leader. The Leader will be removed by Administration (Divine intervention).

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