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[edit] Choosing a name


The choice of the name is very important. It is possible to use the automatic name generator but the player is also free to enter a brand new one. Some Rules exists:

[edit] Rules for choosing a name

  1. No Numbers or symbols are allowed;
  2. No Offensive Names are allowed;
  3. Name should use Latin/Roman script (no ciryllic, greek or arabic etc.);
  4. No Titled names (Example: Lady Mary The First or King Arthur);
  5. Famous Names can be used but should be related to the historical period ranging from XIV to XV century (1301 - 1500, max 1550)
  6. Names used in series inspired to Middle Ages (example: Games of Throne) can be used


  - Anna Bolena can be used, it can refer to Anne Boleyn (1501-1536)
  - Diego Maradona cannot be used (breaks rule 5)

Names that are not in accordance with the historical period will be assessed by the staff and a request for changing the name will be sent to those whose name does not comply with the rules. Names that are clearly not in accordance or aren't appropriate will be changed by the staff without warning.

[edit] Choosing a Kingdom

Choosing a Kingdom

Players will be able to choose a Kingdom where to play. For each Kingdom, the number of residents are specified. It is possible to see a Kingdom Informational Page from the link Kingdom Information.

[edit] Distributing Attributes

Distributing attributes

When you start out in the world of Medieval Europe, you will have the opportunity to set some base skills: Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Constitution, and intelligence. These attribute points will contribute a lot to the gameplay and the way you play your character. For this reason, it's very important that you consider the way you allocate these points. Below there is a description of each attribute and how it affects a character.

  1. A maximum of 40 points can be distributed.
  2. The maximum points assignable to an attribute in character creation phase is 15.
  3. It is possible to change points distribution after character creation from your profile page for one time only and before the character is 30 days old.

[edit] Strength

Strength represents the physical attributes of a character. Characters with high strength will be able to endure more physically daunting tasks with ease.

  • Strength is useful in combat
  • Strength affects carrying capacity
  • Strength affects elapsed time for completing some actions (example: Cleaning prisons, Dig, Cutting wood etc)
  • Strength affects the number of some items collected or produced
  • Some equipment needs a certain Strength to be equipped

[edit] Dexterity

Dexterity represents the grace and skill related to physical activity.

  • Dexterity is useful in combat
  • Dexterity affects elapsed time for some actions (example: Butchering, Feed animals etc)
  • Dexterity affects how much a tool is consumed
  • Dexterity affects the number of some items collected or produced

[edit] Charisma

Charisma is a personal and rare quality, a personal magnetic characteristic that can positively influence the connection with other persons. Charisma can be affected in a positive or negative way of what is worn. For more details see Carisma Modifiers.

  • A certain charisma level is required to attain a role
  • Carisma affects selling and buying prices of houses, shops, terrains, etc.

[edit] Charisma Requirements for Roles and Structure Control

To control certain structures, you need to satisfy some Requirements. Charisma is one of them.

Read carefully the Requirements table before you set your attributes.

[edit] Constitution

Constitution is the physical makeup of a person. A person may be of strong or weak constitution

  • Constitution affects the speed of recovery in case of injuries. For more details, please look Recovering
  • Constitution affects resting time speed

[edit] Intelligence

Intelligence is the mental ability to learn and to apply the knowledge to easily adapt to new environments.

  • Intelligence is useful in combat
  • Intelligence affects elapsed time for crafting items and other actions (Search plants etc)
  • Intelligence affects the chance to find something in the dump
  • A certain level of intelligence is required in order to attain some roles.
  • Intelligence affects the number of some items collected or produced
  • A certain level of intelligence is required to evaluate the dimension of a resource or how resource depletion level
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