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Carisma Bonus Malus

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[edit] Charisma Modifiers

Character's Charisma can be affected in a positive or negative way by some factors:

[edit] Clothes: Malus on Charisma

Players who are not wearing clothes will have the following maluses:

Body Part None Wearing rags or shoes Other Clothes
Body/Torso -2 -1 0
Legs -3 -2 0
Feet -1 0 0
Total -6 -3 0

[edit] Clothes and Jewels: Bonus on Charisma

Some clothes and jewels will give bonuses:

Item Bonus
King Crown +4
Gold Bracelet +2
Ring (Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald) +1
Diamond Ring +3
Religious Headpiece (Mystic), Pan Zva, Religious Headpiece (Patriarchal), Mitre +3
Religion Clothes: Primodor Tunic, Mufti Tunic, A Grand Imam Tunic, Muezzin Tunic, Primecerius Tunic, Hight Priest Tunic, Prior Tunic, Hiereus Tunic, Triune Patriarch Tunic, Mitropolith Tunic, A Presbyter Tunic, Diakonos Tunic, Summus Pontifex Tunic, Cardinal Tunic, Bishop Tunic, Cleric Tunic +1
Long Sleeve Shirt, Female Long Sleeve Shirt +1
Veil +1
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