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Fish shoal.jpg A Fishing spot in the game

Fishing is the action of collecting Fish from the sea. It can only be performed when the player is in Sea regions.

To fish, the player must hold in hands a Fishing Net and results of Fishing may vary, depending on the player's attribute and on chance (see table), so every working cycle has a minimum and a maximum quantity of Fish the player may get. A minimum of 6 when adding Dexterity and Intelligence is required.

Player's Dexterity + Intelligence Produced Fish (Min) Produced Fish (Max)
6 - 9 1 1
10 - 16 1 2
17 - 23 2 3
24 - 27 2 4
28 - 29 3 4
30 - 36 3 5
37 - 38 3 6
39 - 40 4 6

[edit] Fishing Capacity

As a natural resource all Fishing Spot is limited in the quantity of Fish a player may extract, as a consequence player may end working cycle getting fewer Fish than expected, none, or might even not be able to fish. However each Fishing Spot is automatically 10-15% refilled every day.

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