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Eastern Mystical Church Sacred Texts

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Note: This page is being edited by David II (formerly David von Habsburg) the new Primodor of the Mystical Church.


1) The mystic religion is indifferent as to whether there is a god, and is compatible with theism and nontheism alike.

2) The mystic religion focuses on life in this world - the present world is an end in itself instead of merely preparation of a world to come.

3) The true nature of life is contained in the doctrine of “aura”: that human excellence consists in inspiring fellow humans to achieve greater deeds and create the myths of tomorrow.

4) Mystics undertake pilgrimages and appreciate relics to master “aura”.

5) Because myths from the past were once themselves human deeds guided by “aura”, history is cyclical and there is much to be learnt from history.

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[edit] The Holy Word

[edit] The Beginning

In the begining there was nothing. But he who should not be named said that is not good and created the heaven and the earth. He created the animals on land and animals of the sky , and yet he felt his world is not complete and he created man. and still he was not happy, and so he made the women. and then he rested. Then he gave the knowladge of the land. and watched how they explored it, and marvaled at its beauty. And he who should not be named watch how they bring other offspring to life. and finally he was happy.

[edit] The Trials

His people multiplied and covered the earth. but they were also very wicked and had no laws. only one man and his wife seemed to be above all else. treating every other men with respect and understanding the needs of the poor and the destitute. He who should not be named decided to test this man. he sent forth his angels to test him. The first angel aproached the man’s tent pretending to be lost and very thirsty. The man took him to his tent bathed him, fed him and clothed him, and gave him directions on which he should take to pass through safely. The second angel was sent to poison the waters of the streem near the man’s pasture. The man saw this and immediately stuck the angel and told him that this stream is but a small one and it leads the the mighty mountain river and there lots of people water their stocks and their homes. the angel said he did not care , and so the man stuck him dead. The third angel was sent, he came in the form of a temptress women. But the man was faithful to his wife, and did not sway from the rightious path. He who shall not be named looked upon this man in the sea of people who took a stray from the path, and decided that this man is worthy of his teachings. He revealed himself to the man in a dream for three night in row, telling him the foundation for the worship of the one.

[edit] The Foundation

The man who was chosen by god was called Ahab. He travelled with his wife and kinship through high mountains and low vallys, spreading the word of the one true god. He was laughed at and tossed of of many towns and holdfasts. Finally he who should not be named was wrathful. and decided to honor the Ahab above all else. he came to him in a dream yet again. and in this dream he told him that they would make a pact. Ahab promissed to worship no other false god and spread the faith in the one true god, and He who must not be named will give him the earth as his domain. and promissed that Ahab’s seed will spread over the land and multiply.

[edit] The Two Sons

Ahab grew older and had 2 sons. The elder was named Ahmed. he was, from a very young age, a fighter. he cared about dissepline and honor, no less then faithfulness and caring for the weak and the disabled. he was a big lover of animals and an exellent breeders of them. The younger was named Hamudi. he was a gentler soul, a seeker of knowladge. a brilliant tactician and politician. but also a master at any craft, from the smallest pottery to the biggest scyth at the blacksmith forge. the two brothers completed each other and loved each other, and most importantly loved and respected their father and worshipped , He who must not be named faithfuly. The lord took kindly to both sons and blessed them at any path they took. The brothers each got married to a women that embrased the new faith. Both brothers had many children of their own.

One day while Hamudi was in the field tending to a broken down cart wheel. 3 bandits came and killed his wife. Hamudi was full of greif and started to question god. as before , he who must not be named, appeared before Hamudi, like his father in a dream. there he calmed Hamudi and told him that you must never question the will of god, and one must look to the future always in order to see the mountain of gold at the end of the road. He assured Hamudi that he would find another wife, more faithful and she would bare him even more children. He also cemented Hamudi’s beliefs on 4 basic pricipals on which he must stand for to not lose his faith.

[edit] The Four Pillars

These are the four pillars of faith as it was passed down to Hamudi. Honor, Prayer,Justice and God. God has decreed that any follower should devote his life to uphold these four pillars in oder to recieve the blessing of the lord and be prosperous. He also decreed that Hamudi and Ahmed, should write the defining text of the faith and specify his words to them. Honor - each man should carry himself in an honorable way and not stray from the path laid for him by god. Prayer - every man women of age should pray 3 times a day, morning, noon and night. this is to honor the lord god and please him. Justice - all followers should be judged on their action in accordance to the laws of god and carried out justifuly. and mercilessly. God - the one pillar which is a foundation for all, there is only one benevolent god and all others are false.

[edit] The Rules

Ahmed and Hamudi’s decentants have spread throughout the lands, holding form to their beliefs and attacting others to it. But still each man and woman had their own rules and their own way of executing justice. God thought this is not good, he picked the most devout of his followers from the decendants of Ahmed, a man called Mustafa. He was a goat herder , a simple man, but so was his forfather. God appeaed before Mustafa in a dream and told him to go on a quest of faith. he was told to climb one of the highest mountain on a ridge that overlooks most of the territory occupied by the believers of the almighty god himself. The man set off and climbed that mountain and there he found a tree that burned but was not consumed. In awe of this sight the man fell to his knees. a voice spoke to him and said that here in this place he shall recieve the word of god and his rules.

Mustafa wrote these rules on tablets in order to preserve them for genarations:

  1. I am the lord the one and only
  2. thou shall not steal
  3. thou shalt not kill
  4. thou shall not commint perjury
  5. thou shall not covet
  6. Respect your mother and your father.
  7. thou shall not commit adultery
  8. thou shall not make a picture or statue of god.

Mustafa was also told that these 8 rules were not to replace the four pillars but only to stand on top of them and guide the justice made by them.

[edit] The Sacking and the Holy city

Mustafa’s decendants finally settled in the ancient city of Alkmon. there they decided to build a temple in order to worship the almighty god. they brought him sacrifieses each year from the harvest. The most devout were chosen to be the religious leader and the keepers of the tablets. Till the horrible day came . Barbarrians from the east came to raise the city and loot it. the city folk fought hard and but eventually lost. the barbarian horde completely destroyed the city, but a small group of priests managed to escape the city before the flames consumed them and they took the tablets. for many years the believers thought that the tablets were lost.

In fact the priests ran away with just enough livestock to live a happy nomadic life. Till a young boy of 17 had a vision. in the vision he saw a mighty city, with a hugh temple. The temple was domed and covered with gold and have silver linings surrounding it. He tryed his best to convinse the elders to find this place and reveale to the world that the tablets are in tact, and rejuvenate the faith. but he failed. The boy prayed every night to the almighty god in order to recieve guidance, but the almighty god did not listen. One day while the boy was out herding the sheep, a man approached him. the boy was frightened , he did not know why. this man doesn’t look any other diffrent from any other man. This was actualy a messenger from the lord. he told the boy that he should persist in asking the elders and the almighty god will will soften their hearts and they will accept. sure enough the boy did was he was told not knowing he talked to a messenger from god. Eventually the elders came around and accepted the boys proposal. that city became the center for followers, and the boy lived to see his vision come true, when he reached the age of ninty.

That city’s name is Cairo.

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