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Character Death

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[edit] How does a character die in ME?

Every character has a cyclic action that runs once a day that is called ConsumeGlut. When this action runs:

  • Takes off 16% glut;
  • Checks if the health of the character is 0;
  • Checks if the glut of the character is 0.


  1. Guglielmo has 0% Health and 10% glut. ConsumeGlut runs at 20:00 each day. ConsumeGlut runs and checks that Guglielmo has 0% Health => Guglielmo dies
  2. Guglielmo has 10% Health and 0% glut. ConsumeGlut runs at 20:00 each day. ConsumeGlut runs and checks that Guglielmo has 0% Glut => ConsumeGlut subtracts 10% Glut. Now Guglielmo has 0% Health and 0% glut but can survive another day.

If the character glut is 0, then the action takes off 10% of health. If the character's health is 0 (0%), then the character dies.

[edit] How does a character lose or gain glut?

A character loses glut while doing actions. Additionally, every 24 hours 16% glut is taken off by the action ConsumeGlut. Glut can be replenished by Eating.

[edit] When does ConsumeGlut apply?

ConsumeGlut doesn't check for health when the char is in meditation or is recovering. So if the character is in these two statuses, he can't die.

Consumeglut doesn't check for glut nor removes 10% glut if the character:

  • is imprisoned;
  • is recovering;
  • is in meditation.

[edit] How does a character lose health?

A character may lose health while fighting, is hungry or is sick. Health can be replenished while Recovering Health or by using some specific items: Medical Kit or Herb And Honey Infusion.

[edit] What happens when a character dies in ME?

The character data is removed from the database. All the money, items and possessions are removed except Doubloons. The info is saved on the account. If the player recreates a new character, he will be refunded with the left Doubloons.

[edit] Is it possible to recover a dead character?

It is possible to recover a dead character (in exceptional cases, like for example if the internet is down, game bugs, etc.) by opening a support ticket. Char attributes and statistics may be recovered at any time. Structures and items may be recovered if 15 days have not passed since the character death. The service price is 5000 doubloons.

Complete Information : Restore Character

[edit] I cannot play for some time. What can I do to prevent my character from dying?

You can go in meditation mode. For further details see Meditation.

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