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Recovering Health

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[edit] Recovering Health

A player may recover health by:

[edit] Using Herb and Honey Brew

Herb And Honey Infusion is an item crafted by the Herbalist. It recovers health to 30 Hit Points but not above.

[edit] Recovering

When a character loses a battle, he falls to the ground unconscious and needs some time to recover health. After that period he may suffer a Bleeding wound or lose a point from his Attributes. The Character Energy Level will be set to 0 (0%) and the Hit Points will be set to 15 (15%).

The time for recovery depends on the character Constitution. At the end of the recovery process, Energy Points will be raised to 8 points (16%) and Health Points will be increased to 30 (30%).

If the players were dueling, Energy Points will be raised to 16 points (32%) and Health Points will be increased to 70 (70%).

The Recovery time may be shortened if the player receives Healing.

Character Constitution Needed Time (hours)
1 24
2 18,2
3 15,5
4 13,8
5 12,6
6 11,7
7 11
8 10,4
9 10
10 9,6
11 9,2
12 8,9
13 8,6
14 8,4
15 8,1
16 7,9
17 7,7
18 7,6
19 7,4
20 7,2
21 7,1
22 7,0
23 6,8

[edit] Losing an attribute

A recovering character has a chance to lose an attribute depending on his/her constitution. Chance goes from 1% (constitution 20) to 8% (Constitution 1). It is not possible to lose an attribute point if its value is 1.

Possible damages are:

  • Muscle damage = -1 Strength
  • Tendon damage = -1 Dexterity
  • Blow to the head = -1 Intelligence
  • Internal damage = -1 Constitution
  • Scarring = -1 Charisma

[edit] Bleeding Wound

At the end of recovery, the character has a chance that his wounds continue to bleed. This chance is related to Character Constitution.

[edit] Being Healed by a Religious Clergy Member

It is possible for a character to ask a Clergy member to have his health restored. This is the most common way to treat injuries and Diseases.

Religious Health Care.png

* See Diseases for details on the required items, etc.

[edit] Purchasing Elixir of Health

Elixir of Health is a power-up that can be purchased for doubloons, that will restore 100% Health.

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