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Cure Health Extended

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[edit] Cure Health Extended

This Dogma Bonus will power up the abilities got with the Base Bonus:

  • Every Religious role will be able to restore health;
  • Characters can be healed in regions that are far from the Healer's structure;
  • Atheists can be cured.

To cure a character, the character will need to click a link Cure Health that will appear in the following pages:

  • List of characters in Region
  • Public Profile

[edit] Conditions

  • Healer's Structure should have enough Faith Points;
  • Healed and Healer should be in the same location;
  • Healer should have at least 90% Faith;
  • Healer should have at least 1 Medical Kit.
Note: The medical kit should be in the Character Inventory and no more in the Structure

[edit] Action Can be Canceled?

Yes by the Healer or the Healed (Unless the Healed is in Recovery mode)

[edit] Costs

  • 50 FPs
  • 20% Energy, 20% Glut
  • 1 Medical Kit

[edit] Other

  • Duration: 2h (Followers) 4h (Atheists)
  • Worker Package Applies: Yes
  • Action Time is reduced by Healer's Intelligence

[edit] Effects


  • Restores character Health to max( current Health, Faith Level) if FL < 75%
  • Restores character Health to 100% if FL >= 75%


  1. Guglielmo is a follower and has FL 75%. A Healer will be able to restore his health to 100%.
  2. Guglielmo is a follower and has FL 74% and HP 30%. A Healer will be able to restore his health to 74%.
  3. Guglielmo is a follower and has FL 74% and HP 80% => It is useless to ask for a heal, as the maximum health restored will be 80%


  • Restore character Health to 100%

[edit] Note on Recovery

If the Healer heals a characters that is recovering, the action will automatically replace the Recovery Action with a Heal action. In this way the Healer will greatly reduce the recovery time of the Healed, will restore the health to full and will remove the chance to lose an attribute and have a bleeding wound.

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