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Ancient Teological Church Sacred Texts

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1) Teos, the One True God, is one and triune: Father, Son, and Logos.

2) The Supreme Pontiff is the Vicar of Immanuel in the Earth, and therefore he is infallible when ruling on the interpretation of the divine will.

3) Peace shall always reign among the Peoples of Teos. The war of justice, which is fought for a holy cause, it is the only one that Teos and His Church can approve.

4) Each and every believer, who seek for salvation, must follow the example of Corifeo Caius, to whom the Holy Church is constantly inspired, and donate a portion of his own profits to the humble and needy.

5) The Supreme Pontiff crowns the sovereigns in grace of Teos, giving them legitimation to govern in His light.

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[edit] The Book of the Savior

[edit] I The Genesis

At the beginning there was Logos, who is Teos, and gives Life, and his first creatures, who were composed out of Light, were Angels.

The Prime Angel was named Febo, since he was the bearer of Light, and after him three Archangels came, and then endless legions of Angels.

Then it happened that Febo stained with insolence, asking to the other Archangels to obey, and they asked justice from Teos and that is how the rebellion of Febo began. Febo, plunged in Darkness toghether with the other rebel angels, changed in mind and substance, and by that time he was called Eldiavolique. But Febo, not satisfied with having betrayed Teos, led a real war against him. And from this war, won by Teos as it was written from eternity, the universe came out transformed. Many of the stars created by Teos had lost their light, darkened by Darkness, and so Teos the Almighty gathered all their Light molding it in Sephirot, and giving him the shape of His shining face. And that is how the war was won, and Eldiavolique came at the sight of Teos. He doomed Eldiavolique to be the lord of the underworld and divided his essence in five parts, the Pentacoular Beast, that suddenly attacked the Omnipotent, who was defended by Sephirot thanks to the Holy Spear.

And Sephirot dismembered the Beast in five parts. He chained up three parts in the center of the Underworld, and they where called Baffometto; the fourth part became Lilis, the Temptation, Chaos, Madness and Terror; and the fifth one kept its name Eldiavolique, the Idol, the False Prophet.

[edit] II The Coming of the Savior

In principle, we all trace back to Teos and Logos. And, in principle, they were One. And yet, we narrate how the One became Trinity.

Etruria, Veio.

The old carpenter Johan, who preferred a Veientano of the noblest birth and was suffering from the disease of not being able to have children, took under his protection and in his home Rosaria, who was a woman of humble birth. So they began to live in prayer with Rosaria in a cave. Under these conditions the child was born in a bed of straw and was given the name of Immanuel.

Probably bs a "word" arcane spread the certainty that the child was the greatest of the Kings, so the local pastors began to say: "If we follow the infant Savior, we can all aspire to the vision of Teos".

Coming to know about these things and fearing a revolt by the pastor of Veio, the evil Eros gave orders to massacre Veientani, this caused an escalation of the grievances of the people against the King of Etruria.

To quell these riots the Emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar, choose then as Roman governor of Etruria his close friend, Pontino Calvus, but the peoples of Etruria and of the surrounding lands revolted, and so it was very dangerous to continue to live in Veio for the family of the Saviour. Johan, so decided to move to Greece, bringing with him Rosaria and Immanuel.

At the age of twelve, Immanuel, who had worked in the workshop of his father until then, was admitted to the School of Athens and he began his studies under the Greek philosophers. Soon he became a scholar of the doctrines of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, who were those who were the most importants in the School of Athens. Even at this early age, the people were astonished that the young Immanuel could talk with so much eloquence with the greatest masters of Greece.

[edit] III Rocco and Peleus, the seafarers

After the twenty-fourth birthday of Immanuel, the Emperor decreed a census of the people of the Empire, this bureaucratic act was completed in a year at his city of birth. Johan, Rosaria, and Immanuel made to return to Veio by means of a ship. This boat captain Rocco, who despite being a good pilot, had some difficulty in crossing. In fact, not far from the waters of Cyprus, there was a terrible storm. All the passengers, frightened by the scope of the event, they began to pray the Divine Teos, or their pagan gods. Immanuel, going up by one, he asked, "Who are you, and who is your Lord?". He answered: ""I am Peleus's brother, Rocco, and Teos is my Lord".So, Immanuel replied: "Because I see a lot of justice in you, take me by the captain, for your Lord has decided to lift you to Salvation". Peleus, seeing the holiness of the boy who was in front, soon led him to Rocco, who held the oar with the strength of an ox. Immanuel said to Rocco: "There comes the time to bend no more fatigue, but Teos. Will you allow the Logos to drive your boat so that it becomes ark of salvation for those who do not yet believe?".

Although in principle Rocco did not want to believe the words of the Savior's love for his brother Peleus and resignation to his impotence in the face of natural things, they gave him the hope to believe in the Logos Incarnate. Thus, the Savior said, "If you are in danger, follow the Fish". Peleus, looked out to the front and saw schools of small fish alongside the vessel to guide it towards the destination. And then the Savior removed his sandals, which were a gift from Bauptista, and without hesitation stepped forward. Water grazed his ankles, but he was standing erect. Raising his arms to the sky, he put an end to the waves and the sky cleared. The fish then indicated the route to follow. It was clear that what was happening was a miracle and it was the will of Teos. Those who did not believe began to believe and those who believed they began to wonder who was this Immanuel, son of Johan of Veio. And then the Savior revealed: "I am the son of Johan, though he is my guardian, but I am the Son of Teos, a man to guide you to salvation". His words were so irresistible some asked the Savior to follow him wherever he went". When they heard these things, the Savior revealed: "Ten of Teos will grant you to become my Disciples, and these will be the ones that you have to follow". Then he said: "Just as Peleus told you to believe, and you believed him, then when they tell you to believe, you believe. As Rocco has guided his ship, he will guide you to salvation. Why, I tell you, they are the first two disciples". Having said these things, put a mark with the water on their foreheads, and that will define him as a disciple.

[edit] IV Andrea and Yagmos, the guardians

After arriving in the city of Veio, Immanuel had announced to his mother, the Virgin Rosaria: "Mother, those are my disciples and are your children, so sit at my table and they will be my family". Six days later they rested and refreshed consuming different foods, the Saviour gathered the seven disciples, and said that in Campania waiting for them the next Coryphaeus. Thus, the group went to the tomb of Bauptista, and here he was met by those who stood as guardians of the same. They feared repercussions from the old allies of Eros. One was an old Greek with a bent back, Andrea Constantino, a native of Smyrna. Who before giving up everything to follow the Bauptista, had also been a legionnaire. The second was Yagmos, a dark-skinned man, whose work had been that of the messenger. But was bitten in the foot by a snake, and from that day, he had fallen into poverty because he had trouble walking. "Legionnaire, you are the servant of two patrons?", asked the Saviour. "It is true that I was a Roman legionnaire, but I had faith in Bauptista, and so gave up defense of my country, to defend his grave". Anyone could see the pride in the eyes of the legionnaire, and then the Saviour said: "If you do something, do it well."

Hearing these words, Andrea stood up and his back was healed. Immanuel then pushed to the ground, shouting to Yagmos, “Find the will to live and walk!". Yagmos noticed that his foot was healed. The two looked at him in amazement, the Saviour said, smiling: "Good news, dear friends. Teos tells you which ends today the time of sorrow and tomorrow begins the time of the battle. I am Immanuel, the Savior of Teos, of Veio, and I offer you my hand, as you will be my third and fourth disciple". Andrea and Yagmos beat their chests and said in unison:" I believe you, O Divine, and I'll be the first to follow you". And these received baptism, as those who had faith in the Saviour.

[edit] V Joan, the confidant

On the way back from Campania, a young girl brought a gift to the Savior, a wicker basket containing fruits and vegetables. He invited him to his father's house, the Orthodox, Samuelone. Coming into the house, the wise old man did not spare much to food to Immanuel and his flock. Sitting around the table, Samuelone asked the Saviour a few things:"I am an Orthodox. I am a priest and a scholar on heavenly things and scriptures. Servant of the Temple, educating young people about the true things handed down to us from the Divine. I know that you are considered a great sage, a great intellectual and a great philosopher. I ask you, what do you think of the custom of washing hands before dinner? Is it not a way to prove their purity of intent Teos?". In response, Immanuel took an apple and bit into it without the need for any cutlery. "Your attitude is perhaps a challenge, my good friend? Did I not invite you because of your wisdom, not your anger? Why waste your manners? You have probably taught this, the philosophers of Greece?". Exclaimed the Orthodox with astonishment.

"You have forgotten the essence of Orthodox Logos. Read the scriptures but do not penetrate. So, wash your hands, but not washed your souls. If you wash your hands, then you're a fool not to forgive your sins in the Divine. But if you did not commit sins, then what reason wash their hands in the presence of the one who gives you food? Is it not true that the only food we live men? Is it not true that the Divine Man said to feed according to its nature?”. The Saviour said, without taking his eyes from a jug of water. Confused and dismayed by what happened, Samuelone then asked the Savior why he had come into the house. Immanuel moved his eyes to the daughter of the orthodox, who had waited on foot, carrying the food at their table, and spoke aloud: "Sometimes it happens that a bad father to instruct their offspring, giving very little to those who deserve it, and bringing enmity between them. But then it happens that some children, much in communion with the Logos, renounce the example of their parents. These kids are like savages, and my duty is to make my flock, so as to be isolated cases, the right to become a multitude. I know who you are. Joan, you were chosen from Teos to be my fifth disciple".The orthodox then grew impatient and said, with great courtesy, to not discuss his daughter because she had not been able to pass the exams to become a scribe. But the Savior said that the Logos does not need to be written when it is already engraved in the heart of man, and Joan, inspired by the Logos and strong piety, communicated to the disconsolate father that the truth was in the mouth of the Saviour Immanuel from Veio. He knows all things not in the doctrines of the Orthodox. The company, enriched with Giovanna, so he left the house of the orthodox, who ran to the temple to discuss what he had heard with the High Priest Califan. It was memorable thing that the Saviour did not baptize Giovanna, because of what she said, "You are already baptized in the spirit".

[edit] VI Sabina and Caio, the prostitute and the publican

Immanuel decided it was time to go to Cuma , which was the place of business of the Romans in those lands. Thirsty for the long journey, Immanuel went to a well. There was a woman, collecting water in a basket for herself. The Saviour asked her: "Will you give to this thirsty something to drink ?". And she said:"You know, I can not. Don't you imagine my job? What I touch is unclean". "Do you dare to get away from the son of Teos? Do you not know that in time of war , the doctor should not look at the color of the jacket? Do you not know that in time of war, the governor does not have to count how many he has been killed by the soldier, but how many have survived the reaper scythe?", said the Saviour. "I've heard of these things, but I have no reason to believe them. No one of my prayer was heard by Teos", said the woman. "I know what you ask, so we will know that Teos listens to every thing for which he is called upon. You want to give up your job and live in honesty, but you do not know how to do it. So, come with me and be my coryphaeus. These people who accompany me not judge you for what you did, but only for what you will do after reborn in my Faith and Baptism I will impart unto you". Despite some doubts raised by Rocco and Peleus, after having revealed her name, the prostitute Sabina clung to the arm of Immanuel and together they proceeded to the main road. From an alley came out of some Orthodox armed with whips, who had witnessed the scene and they were filled with anger". "In the name of the High Priest Califan , we, Orthodox of Cuma , command you, Immanuel of Veio, to leave this prostitute. She is a threat to the decency and the salvation of the people of Judea , so we will put an end to her life by means of a whipping". This was ordered to Immanuel . "I challenge you: who has never sinned and is believed stronger than the will of Teos and strong in the Logos , strike the first lash", said the Saviour. Hearing these words, Andrea, Rocco and Yagmos made ​​three steps forward and with their mighty bodies hided Sabina from view of the Orthodoxes . Those stepped back, having seen advancing the Saviour and of his Coryphaei, and finally fled nimble running through the streets of Cuma.

"I am pleased, my Coryphaei. So I will tell you: there are those who are good with words, but commit evil deeds, and omit the good, and these are a disappointment to Teos; and then there are those that are bad in their words, but when it comes to decide what to do, they do not go hand in hand with Eldiavolique. And these are preferable to the other ones". The Saviour then baptized the sixth coryphaea. Peleus asked to his Teacher: "Are our business in this town finished? ", but Immanuel answered that no deal ends in a city without first passing through the main square. So, they went there. There , he observed a large crowd in the queue in front of a man that gathered their currencies.This was the famous publican Caio Publione Fabrizio, who collected the taxes on behalf of the Emperor. The Saviour came to him, and saw that his face was dark, just back from a beating. "Who did this to you, Roman? ", asked Immanuel . "I was captured by brigands of Barbados that I was beaten and robbed, so the Governor Calvus has imposed new taxes to offset the loss occurred", said Caio and he was attacked with numerous insults from some Orthodoxes. Immanuel said them: "I am the Saviour. The Son of Teos . The King of Kings, and I find no sin in Caio Fabrizio Publione". Then he spoke to him: "Don't you have fear of being robbed again, don't you fave fear for your life, Roman? ". Caio, looked up, and said, calmly: "I have fear for my life, but I am a publican of Rome. This is my job, that I must carry on with the utmost honesty. If I refuse for fear of collecting the money for my Caesar, then I would not be justly worthy to carry the gown I wear". Having heard the answer, the Saviour said to the crowds: "Well, then we will not say that one of these publicans alone is worth more than a hundred of those who, during the holidays, they pray the Lord immensely, and then use violence and robbery the remaining days?". " You man, why do you defend me?", asked Caio intrigued. "The first reason why I defend you is that you are a man, and no one can live alone. You need new friends. The second reason why I defend you is because you're a good man. The third reason why I denfend you is that you will be my seventh Corypheus, Caio", concluded the Saviour. "My Master, I will change my life! My money will be yours, my fabrics will be whoever you want, but you teach me the way of virtue!". And with these words Caio, who had not abandoned his work for fear, abandoned it for love. Love is greater than fear, and in Love was baptized Caio.

[edit] VII Sofia and Stefania, the teachers

Having left Cuma behind, the Saviour decided to make a stop in Calatia. This city was now particularly adverse to the Saviour. Calatia was the site of an important school for scribes and doctors, and was the intellectual center of Campania. The Saviour decided to visit the school. The Orthodoxes of Calatia were calm people, and they were considered far superior to anyone else. Strong in their wisdom, they decided to challenge Immanuel in a race between intellectual philosophers. They asked: "What animal is born on four legs, with two grows, and in old age it based on three?". And the Savior said: "This is the orthodox . At birth he is a child not different from the others, unable to walk, but as he grow up, learn to stand on its own. Now in this position of power, he uses the next one to maintain his power, and so gain support for leaning on the shoulders of the ignorant". But Orthodoxes began to laugh at the words of the Saviour, who had never been so serious, and they asked to those who followed the Saviour to make a challenge. The King of Kings said: "The good factor happily sowing his seed. A third is pecked by birds. A third grows , only to be choked by thorns , a third grows and prospers , proceeds to a four times higher than sown , what I'm saying? ". No orthodox understood thaht, and they dared to answer on the motion of the planets and diseases to internal organs. But a little girl among them, known as Stefania, raised her voice and said: " You are the Good Shepherd, who spread the word wherever you go, but a third of people do not believe you, because the Orthodoxes deny your word and plot at your shoulders. A third of those who meets you directly, does believe in what you do, but then sin, distracted by their sins. Finally, a third believe in you and follow you, and these people at thier turn are believed more than others, and these are those whose destiny is Heaven". This girl was a student of the School for Orthodox. She was known for two reasons: it was deemed to be the most intelligent of the entire school, and it was deemed unruly and vicious, but only because it often was in contrast with the Orthodox's chief who taught in the school. This answer gave much to talk to the Orthodoxes of the School. An Orthodox, named Sofia, rose up to speak, but was humiliated by a high orthodox : "Sofia, don't you know that the Scriptures speak of Eldiavolique and the False Prophet? We will face Immanuel of Veio because he is the False Prophet. If he was the son of Teos,why he is so hateful and vindictive aginst us? Why he sins continually, why he is accompanied by scum, assuming to be superior to the laws of Man?" Sofia, dumb bitter humiliation, looked down, but Stefania stepped forward: "What gives you the right to sepak, you old man, when you do buy in secret, herbs from the Persian and do not pay young women, in order to satisfy the pleasures of the flesh?". The Orthodox then struck Stefania with the palm of his hand. Soon a fight broke out between the Orthodoxes and the disciples of the Saviour, and there arrived many young students, siding with one faction or the other. The Saviour having followed Stefania, realized that the school was a place of perdition and impurity, so he began to shout to the crowd: "You have dishonored Teos and betrayed his pact! You have done a market of Pleasure of your school, you have taken advantage of everything and everyone, violating the childhood of those you want to constrain to become like you!". When they heard these things, with vigor and force the Saviour tore every blasphemous image , destroyed the idols , burned herbs and powders into the fire, and threw the jars desecrated out of the windows. The school was in ruins, in a single day. Sofia, who was among the few to have abstained from unclean practices, asked to the King of Kings: "What will happen to the students?". And the Saviour said: "Let the children come to me". So , Immanuel recognized in Sofia and Stefania eighth and ninth Coryphaei , and they were baptized, and the Orthodoxes who were converted, and their students, swelled the ranks of those who followed the Saviour.

[edit] VIII Selenia, the lonely one

After those facts, the fame of the Saviour was known everywhere, so thatthis kind of news also came to Rome. Immanuel decided it was time to return to Veio, so Rocco asked him: "Will we finish our journey without the Twelfth?". Immanuel said: "Rocco, you shall never forget to have faith in me". In Veio the Saviour was really welcomed as the King of Kings. Everyone was in the the streets to worship him and ask for miracles. Then the Saviour put them in a row, and they asked to perform exorcisms, feed the hungry, heal the sick, and some even swell the animals and make the fields fertile. But then there came one, with auburn hair, who introduced herself as Selenia, and said: "O Divine , I'm just asking for you. I love you. I want to be with you". And the Saviour said: "Love is not doing good to the others. This can be done for interest, for example . The love of which I speak is a condition of the soul. Love is the courage to mortify yourself: to humble yourself in public, to toil in solitude, to say what you do not want to be told, to bite you tongue against your own unrighteous thoughts. So , you ask me for many things, but essentially I can give you just myself , that is the Love of Teos. Selenia , you've never been with a man: I will be your companion. You haven't shared your friendship with anyone, I will be your greatest friend. You havne't met your father: I will make you as father and brother as well. You didn't ask me for anything: I will give you all through baptism. Follow me as Tenth Coryphaea".

[edit] IX The Campi Flegrei

Gathered all his disciples , which amounted to only a very grown up, the Savior said these words: "My dear friends, in my sign, you will conquer . However to make my coming , I have yet to exorcise the evil that grips this great Earth. Do I have to take charge of your Darkness, for mondarle with my Light . I have to propagate the Logos everywhere. We will have to build a church in order to expand the Logos and disclose its petals of every man and every woman. Now you do not understand , but in the future everything will be clear . Now I can tell you for four months I will retire in the desert of Campi Flegrei. Mortify my carnal nature to reconnect to the Light and nourish it. Among exactly four months , come and find me on the Campi Flegrei , so that the prophecies have to be fulfilled . In these four months, the Coryphaei diecii collect the parts of my flock be scattered to Italy and the neighboring lands , and gathered as many people , preaching the things that I preach , and living in my example . Together , we will change the world. " The disciples did not believe they could do it , but first , Joan obeyed the command , and the others followed.

Having said these things, the Savior went into seclusion in the desert of Campi Flegrei , without eating or drinking . After the first month, stepped in front of Lilis , the Temptation . This said, " Immanuel of Veii , join me! Disobedient to the Father ! Give up your humanity , and together they shall rule the world . I'll be your obedient slave : you will be Lord of Earth and Heaven , you will be more powerful than the same Teos and you will enjoy every form of pleasure . " But Immanuel answered:" Step back ! I am the King of Kings today , and my mission is another . Surrender yourself to the will of Teos or flee! " And that fled . At the end of the second month , appeared Baffometto , with its three heads: " Immanuel , listen to me. I will not ask for world domination , but rebelled against Teos and free those who have been unjustly imprisoned in Hell. Listen to me, I implore you : it helps your celestial brothers and not these men without any value . " " Know, O poor being unable to convince me with your fictions " replied the Savior - " Know that some of these men understand better than you the design of Teos . And also , reasons, poor wretch : the world there must be justice. " And so Baffometto disappeared from view of the Savior. At the end of the third month, we put forward the False Prophet, who embraced him whispered in his ear : "Dear Master , listen to what I have to offer you : Do not conquer the world or you will rebel at Teos , because you do not need of these things , but I put you on guard against one thing. You really want to be remembered as the Savior? You know that the future people will blaspheme your name? This will not make you suffer? And then, why scramble for both men ? You know in your name will make the worst of the worst sins and iniquities ? Leave them alone , and they will find a way to save yourself , right? " But the Savior pushed him away , saying, " Emulo me, who are you to say what to do and what not? I came to this world to save the Sons of Man, and you 'll see that I will succeed . They do not understand , but they understand. The time now is strong enough to bear all their sins , past, present and future. You know what they will do in my name ? They will do great things . Build their future with their own hands . We will build the Church , and always there sorveglierò from Heaven . Will the day of the Third City, restless spirits , and you can not avoid it in any way. " And so disappeared well as the False Prophet . At the end of the fourth month , the Coryphaei showed up at Campi Flegrei , and found the Savior waiting for them. Seeing that the herd was increased by four times the number with which he had left them , he commended them all . But Sofia took the word and said, " Our master , particular mention should be made of the work of Rocco . He dedicated himself most of all , sleeping three hours a night and eating only once a day , and doing good works of every kind and sort in seven different cities. " Yet , inquiring on the work of all , it turned out that all Coryphaei had taken care of the sick, giving hope to their families, had convinced the robbers to become law-abiding citizens , and the prostitutes had helped to change profession. They had used their wealth to the next and had sacrificed everything they had to fulfill the mission corifeica with the utmost dedication . The Savior was genuinely moved by what he heard , and said to them : "My Coryphaei , now you are my Bishops. You are like Angels watch over the flock so that no one can go against us. Rocco , I know that there is more faith in you than in anyone else in this world. Confess your sins of many , and I will permit her to do the same in the name of Teos . So , you will be known as the Founder of the Church and the Pope. " So it was an opportunity to turn to the disciples , and to the following , becoming well heard by all, said these words: " You have been taught to respect the precepts of the Covenant. And this is all well and good . But have not yet taught us to be saints. The Scriptures are fulfilled in me : hear what I say and scolpitelo in the heart and not in the rock, because I will teach you to be saints, so that not only will you have certainty of access to Paradise, but it will sure there are those who will emulate :

Saints are those who praise Teos in pagan and do not convert to the False Prophet , and are persecuted for it. Saints are those who are sincere in their praise and in their prayers to Teos , and who abstain from sins. Saints are those that will protect your family from the Temptation and grow their children in righteousness . Saints are those who are beaten and killed without any justice . Saints are those who offer their money to do good neighbor. Saints are those who denounce the lies of others and will be persecuted for this , since they will not be believed. Saints are those who are held in great hatred from the wicked and sinners . Saints are those who suffer in spite of many wrongs , avenge not without justice . Saints are those who will be subdued by force from those who are more ambitious. Saints are those who share their food and their home with those who need it . Saints are those who will work with integrity , and who refuse to trade in an unfair , deceiving others. Saints are those who put themselves at the service of justice , and bring justice in the world. "

With these words appeared in the sky three rings indigo and appeared the faces of the three Archangels . Thus, a bright fire was kindled between the circles , and this began to grow in shape , such as a bush iridescent , and these things happened , all realized Immanuel hailed as the Divine and as their King.

[edit] X The Passion of the Saviour

Three years had passed since the day when the Savior had come from Greece , and his entourage had made the nation. In this period , Johan died , his family was so composed and Ten dall'Inviolata Rosaria . In this period , the Orthodox and the priests of the Temple of the Orthodox had gathered to discuss the figure of the Saviour . He took the word Califan High Priest : " I say we kill this person . In fact, if he is the Savior, then he will die according to the Scriptures , mondandoci from sin. But if he is not, in the eyes of Teos will be a fair punishment for a fraud of this kind. In any case, it will soon be forgotten. "He was saying these things, but he firmly believed that Immanuel went from Veii stopped. However, the crowd of disciples who followed him, had lost a specific nationality , and was numerically superior to men at his disposal the Temple . The Romans , not interested in religious things , they would not have lifted a finger on a man loved by the people. In recent years the Savior had decided that his preaching would have to reach Gaul , Hispania and then and Pannonia , until Olisipo and Britain . Did not oblige anyone to follow him, but no one could stop his popularity as a man of the people . Back in Italy , the Salvatore decided that he would spend the Summer Solstice in Rome , and he alone with his mother and Coryphaei . Andrea Rocco and told him that it was extremely dangerous, but the Savior replied that it was unnecessary to take precaution, because then one of them had already betrayed . But Coryphaei not included because they did not know . In fact, it happened that Selenia had begun a secret correspondence with Califan , and had revealed to him that for some time the Master had confided to her that you want to visit Rome. And when the Savior came into Rome on Sunday , it was a great celebration for the city , which proclaimed him as King of the Romans , but the Savior , to everyone's surprise , he rented a humble home and took refuge with only Coryphaei , asking everyone to spend that time in prayer. Sabina had bought a scented oil for Immanuel , but he laughed and said : "I conserverai for future times . " Only Selenia looked away , and probed with the left hand a rolled parchment . Came time for dinner, the Savior imbastì the table. He took the meat and distributed it among the Coryphaei , then took the oil and handed it to diners and said: " Be aware , as I am , that my death is near . " He said, deeply moved , the Savior . Dismay that followed, the Coryphaei began to put questions to the Savior , but what came out of the room and headed in the garden. " Are you Immanuel , the Veientano ? " Asked a voice from a guard just arrived at the door of the house. " You say so . " Said the Savior coldly. " Give me proof," the guard asked . "I 'll give you proof," and Selenia , who had followed the Savior , came up to him and slapped him on the face . " You've trusted fully with Joanna, you loose in the embrace of Sabina , you have been a companion to Sofia and you discussed whole nights with Stefania . But for me ? What did you get for me? Are you not been a liar? " Whispered the traitor . " A noble title and lands : why you sold me . One hundred hectares will not buy my love, my hug , my respect , my company nor my word . So you wanted everything, but did not get anything. "Concluded the Savior as he handed over to the guards. The Coryphaei , came out , did not understand , but at the sight of the guards, only Joan and Peter rushed to release the Savior. The first begged the soldiers with their prayers , the second pulling out a knife, but the Savior told them they must let time take its course . So it was delivered to Califan , who asked him to look out in public and say definitively that he was not the son of Teos . But the Savior said, "Why do you ask me to lie? " And Califan answered, "Because obviously , you, I ask to have you killed . " The Savior said, " maybe I do not want this , you of little faith? " And that: " I ​​want to kill one to educate a hundred . " But he did not know that the Savior's death would have behaved in much greater numbers . He was then conducted on Thursday by Governor Calvus , and they asked him, " Are you the King of the Romans ? " , And the Savior replied, " I am the King of Kings." The Governor then asked, "Did you hereby submit to the Caesar of Rome ", but the Savior said, " I have come to Rome to annex to my kingdom. " Then Calvus Califan asked : "And you , you submit to Rome? "and he replied : " Of course , our King is the Caesar of Rome , our Temple and our religion are separate things from politics. " Calvus and then he turned to the Savior and said," currency you , what have I I to do? You look like a fool innocent , it costs you to calm down ? " But the Savior said, " Come , sign my sentence , Calvus . " Calvus and concluded:" Government these lands for twenty-five years, and never until now had happened to me a similar case. And then , I wash my hands. Kill him then. " But the next day , the Roman Empire, seized by remorse , appeared at the square of Rome, and said," Who do you want me free? Immanuel of Veii or the Barbados Brigante ? " , The latter was , in fact, was captured just a month before , and was undecided whether to cut out his tongue , or throat. Then the faction of the followers of the Savior , led by the Inviolata Rosaria , he cried out, " Immanuel ! Save Immanuel ! " But the Orthodox began to throw coins into the crowd , so that others began to shout : " Barbados ! Liberate Barbados . " This , combined with the natural followers of Barbados , earned him his freedom. The Savior was then stripped of his clothes by the legionaries , and scattered his body of salt and vinegar, and asked him to carry a marble column along the road leading to the Palatine Hill. If he stopped , those tortured him with the whip . But even if we proceeded , the ones touching your knees to make him stop . Seen this massacre , Yagmos was joined to the Savior and steadied him , sharing part of the lashes, while Sabina was cleaning his body by vinegar . Once on top of the hill , beneath the Tree of Redemption, saw one standing on the right-hand column : "Who are you ? " , He asked , while the noose came down in front of one of the branches. "I'm Tito . And I'm a Roman. We have different gods , but in the end is the same. In fact, I mine, the rinnegai . "And the Savior said," And yet, in truth I tell you that there is still a place in heaven for people like you . Tell me : do you believe ? "Hear these words , Tito was enlightened by the Logos , and answered:" Yes, my Lord , King of Kings, I believe in you ! " " And so, you will follow me , to my right. "Concluded Immanuel , shortly after Tito 's life came to an end , for the butt of the Roman Empire. And to see such a scene , the Savior cried , "Father ! Why are you doing this ? " , And the sky became dark and the rain and the hail fell , but the Romans continued . The Savior , his head bowed and his neck tied in rope , he turned to the crowd and said, " And before I leave you , I urge you to pray much the Divine Father Teos , and began to pray :

Divine Teos , Father of the Saviour , grant men the Hope. Divine Teos , you're Logos , grant men the Force. Divine Teos , that everything can , grant forgiveness to men. We pray, humble servants of your Will .

Moved more by pity than anger, the legionnaire closer to the Savior, such Longo , noticed them on the ground that there was a spear. He hit the Savior at the cost interrupting spasms , and so , in this Friday , Immanuel died from Veii , the Son of Teos , King of Kings

Then s'ersero once again the three circles in the sky , and took the form of a pyramid and a scale, and a torrent of fire sprang from the tree , the stars, and those who believed they wept all , without exception, and those who were hardened sinners , could not see, because blinded by the light . Finished the event in a few moments , the legionnaires had escaped , but Longo , who had witnessed the event , kept the Savior's body in a shroud , and carried him in a crypt closed by a boulder.

[edit] XI The Resurrection

During the Saturday, the Coryphaei gathered in a circle. Among them was missing Selenia , who had fled . But their ideas were very confused , and everyone appealed to the words of the Savior. Joan had fallen into a deep silence , Sofia and Rocco were in disagreement about the incident , and Caius had fallen in the darkest of sobs. The next day, Sabina decided to go to the tomb to anoint the body of the Saviour , in order to preserve it from impurities. But who visited the crypt , the stone was removed, and the coffin was empty. Having confided with Rocco , he was hesitant. Sofia said:"What is resurrected? I do not think I do not see". But having said these words , a voice said : "Sofia , put your finger in my wound ." Turned around, the Coryphaei saw a man with a golden skin and with a long white beard who was watching them with folded arms . Joanna, Andrea and Stefania recognized him immediately as the Saviour, and soon there was a spread of hugs and caresses. "Hear me well, my bishops: it has been shown that the Saviuor wins Death, it is time for you to become one thing with me, with Teos and with the Logos." Then he spoke to Rocco: "Hear me well, Rocco, and rememberd what I'm saying. I give toy you the mission to establish the Church: it is One, Holy, andUniversal. The Trinity that you will place for gods , Teos will consist of the Father , the Son , the Savior , and the Community of Believers , the Logos. To you I leave the task of governing, ion my behalf, my Church, as skilful helmsman as you are; and I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven. So, it is time to be born , the Community of Theology . And these are my last words , but you'll know that we will meet again . We will meet Death. Defeat Death , Death is Real Life , and Life is preparation for life ". Having said these things , all Coryphaei felt their bodies as set in stone, so they could not move. And as they were petrified , the Savior opened the door , turned around, waved to them one last time and disappeared forever. From that moment the mind of all Coryphaei was invaded by the Logos , and they took to understand every language, and this thing was ascertained by the British, Greeks and Barbarians.

So were the days of miracles , and the incarnate Logos had victory over anything else, and so the Church was established in the theological world.

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