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[edit] Translation procedure

[edit] 1. Open Master Translation file

Ask admins for the current master file in Translation Board.


[edit] 2. Make a local copy

Make a local copy with the following name: translate_[iso_code]. For example for german you should copy the file in translate_de_DE:


[edit] 3. Clean up unwanted columns

Keep columns A,B,C,D and hide or delete all the other columns, except the one for your language.



At this point, you should have a file like this:


[edit] 4. Filter and translate

1. Click 'Clear'. 2. Apply the filter [TRANSLATE] and click 'Select All'. 3. Press OK

Pic: Filtering...


Pic: Translate the terms with [TRANSLATE]


[edit] 5. Declare updates or end of translation

Post in this board in your language related topics your updates, or that you've finished translating.

   Finished translating. File: <file>

Remember to share the file.

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