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  1. update screenshot in article market
  2. Merge pages Fields_Cultivate_Cultivating and Wheat_Farm into Fields_Cultivate_Cultivating
  3. Add single details item pages. Start from page Complete Item List and create details pages using the example Bread.

[edit] Roadmap

[edit] About names of pages

It is important that the page titles (especially - items and their templates) were unified.

  • Use a name taken from the game (English translation).
  • Use the pattern "All Words in Сapital Letters" (except for prepositions) — wiki is case sensitive.
  • If necessary, use the #REDIRECT mechanism. For example, page Iron with code #REDIRECT [[Iron Piece]] redirected to Iron Piece page. In wiki-code you may use [[Iron]] or [[Iron Piece]], it's your choice
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