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[edit] Meditation (Holiday Mode)

A player can decide to go in meditation (Holiday mode) by selecting the link Meditate in the Explore Region screen. While in meditation mode, the character:

  • Cannot be arrested
  • Cannot be imprisoned
  • Doesn't need to eat

The glut won't decrease and the character while in meditation mode, cannot die.

  Note: It is not possible to go in meditation if your Character is sick.

[edit] For how long i can stay in meditation mode?

The maximum time a character can stay in meditation mode depends on two factors:

  • Character age
  • Owning the noble bonus

Without Noble Status

   max meditation days = min(round( age ^ 1.2 / 10), 180) days

Character with Noble status (with at least 30 days left)

  max meditation days = min(round(age ^ 1.2 / 5), 180) days

[edit] What are the costs

Meditation is free of charge.

[edit] Does some sort of cooldown exist?

Yes. You will need to wait at least 15 days between a meditation period and another.

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