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[edit] Meditation (Holiday Mode)

A player can decide to go in meditation (Holiday mode) by selecting the link Meditate in the Explore Region screen. While in meditation mode, the character:

  • Cannot be arrested
  • Cannot be imprisoned
  • Doesn't need to eat

The glut won't decrease and the character while in meditation mode, cannot die.

  Note: It is not possible to go in meditation if your Character is sick.

[edit] For how long i can stay in meditation mode?

The maximum time a character can stay in meditation mode depends on two factors:

  • Character age
  • Owning the noble bonus

Without Noble Status

   max meditation days = min(round( age ^ 1.2 / 10), 180) days

Character with Noble status (with at least 30 days left)

  max meditation days = min(round(age ^ 1.2 / 5), 180) days

[edit] What are the costs

Meditation is free of charge.

[edit] Does some sort of cooldown exist?

Yes. You will need to wait at least 15 days between a meditation period and another.

[edit] Abuse of Meditation

The game Administration takes note that some players will use the meditation system to avoid criminal trials or punishment. These actions will be seen as an abuse of the Meditation system and will be reviewed by the game administration for possible punishment.

Possible Punishments

Removal from Meditation to finish the trial.

Allowing extension of punishment until the player leaves Meditation.

Short term Ban from the game for repeat offenders.

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