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Travel Package Bonus

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The Travel Package Bonus will:

  • Reduce your travel time by 50% for both Land and Sea travels;
  • Give you access to the Sea and Land Fast Track;
  • Make Sea travels free of charge.

[edit] Travel time reduction

With the Travel Package Bonus your travel time will be reduced by 50% for both Land and Sea travels.

[edit] Sea and Land Fast Track

The Sea and Land Fast Track allows you use a privileged track that will let you travel between distant nodes with just few clicks. For example if to go from region A to region E you need to travel A -> B -> C -> D -> E, with the Travel Package, if there is a track A -> E you will need to just make one click and one action.


[edit] Sea travel is free

The Sea Travel costs 1 silver coin per node, but with the Travel Package you will be able to travel on ships for free.

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