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Election of Religious Leader

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[edit] Electing a new Religious Leader

The following procedure must be used to appoint a new Church Leader if he's been disheartened or the role is vacant (the character dies or renounces the role).

[edit] How such a procedure is opened?

The procedure is opened by the Administration by use of an Ingame Administrative Message. The Administration will then open a forum topic where the candidates should present themselves before the Candidation Time expires.

[edit] Candidates Requirements

At the time of the candidature the candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Must be of the current Religion
  2. Must not have been disheartened from the current Religion in the last six months
  3. Charisma at least 18 (allowed to be reached with bonuses)
  4. Should have obtained at least AFP badge levels 3
  Note: if candidates with the proper requirements are missing, Administration may open candidatures to players that fulfill the requirements
  partially, dropping one requirement at a time, starting from n. 4 and finishing with n. 1.

[edit] How can I send my candidature?

Candidatess will need to post in the topic opened by Administration the following information:

  • Religion Seniority
  • Charisma
  • Role in the current Religion
  • Project for Religion Management and Expansion:
    • How the Candidate wants to manage and rebuild the new religion
    • How the Candidate wants to manage the relations with other religions
    • Why Religion Followers should vote for his candidature

[edit] How the election works?

Administration will open a poll with the name of the candidates and will list the players that can vote (the Religion followers). The voters will have 7 days to vote for the favorite candidate.

  • Level 2 Roles vote counts for 4
  • Level 3 Roles votes counts for 3
  • Level 4 Roles vote counts for 2
  • Followers votes counts for 1


Who do you want for Mystic Religion Leader?

Mario Rossi Mario Bianchi [...]

only the following players can vote:

Guglielmo Di Valenza Martin Schroeder [...]

Administration will count the votes when the voting phase is concluded and will publish the results.

Example: Guglielmo Di Valenza, Cardinal, voted for Mario Bianchi Martin Schroeder, Follower, voted for Mario Rossi

Mario Bianchi: 4 points Mario Rossi: 1 point

=> The new Leader is Mario Bianchi

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