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[edit] Introduction

You can buy a shop license from the Castle or Village for about 400—500 silver coins (the price depends on your Charisma and local tax rate). A player can own only one shop unless they are a follower of a Church that has the Dogma Bonus Blessings of the Artisans, in which case it's two shops maximum.

There are eight different types of shops:

[edit] Shop Functions

A shop includes the following functions:

Functions VS Levels Level 1 Level 2
Public functions - -
Informations Yes Yes
Private functions - -
Manage (configure shop) Yes Yes
Storage and events Yes Yes
Construct objects Yes Yes
Increase shop level Yes Yes
Increase storage space Yes Yes
Manage grants No Yes
Sell your shop Yes Yes

[edit] Buying your Shop

You can buy a shop c/o Castle or Village. The price of a shop depends on the Goods and Services Tax that the Vassal set.

[edit] Informations

On this page you can see an overview of the shop.

[edit] Manage (Configure shop)

In this page you can configure the following shop attributes:

  • Your shop description
  • An informative message (open/closing hours, prices etc)
  • Your shop image, that will be seen in the informational page

[edit] Storage and events

You can see what's stored in the structure inventory and take/deposit items and see some events related to activities related to the structure.

[edit] Construct/Create objects

On this page you can see a list of the items you can create in your shop.

  Important: You will need to have torso/body, legs, and feet covered in order to work in your shop.

Time to craft depends on:

  • The value of your intelligence Attribute;
  • If you own the Worker Package Bonus (Crafting Time decreased by 50%);
  • If you are a Follower of a Church that owns the Blessings of the Artisans Dogma Bonus (Crafting Time decreased by 30%)

The Energy and Glut required depends on crafting time and the working cycles:

  Required Energy = round( min(50, 1.325 * Crafting Hour (Not applying bonuses)) * working_cycles, 0)
  Required Glut = round( min(50, 1.325 * Crafting Hour (Not applying bonuses)) * working_cycles, 0)


Crafting meat soup takes (not applying bonuses) 108 minutes (1,48 hours). To craft meat soup x1 the required energy is 1,48*1,324 = 2,385 (4,77%).

To craft x3, energy required will be 2,385* 3 = 7,155 (14,31%). The final result is rounded so the energy required will be 14%.

[edit] Upgrading your shop

You can upgrade your shop by:

  • Increase shop level
  • Increase storage space

[edit] Increasing storage space

You can increase your shop storage by working on it or (if the shop is level 2) ask someone to do it for you by posting a Job. Having more storage will allow you to store more material and craft items that are very heavy, like the Tar Jar and the Medium Cart. (Note: depending on the weight of the required materials, more than one enlargement may be necessary)

  • Conditions:
    • Required items are in the shop storage
    • Character has enough glut and energy
  • Expected lasting time: 12 hours.
  • Time modifiers:
  • Queue applies? No.
  • Required resources:

After you complete, Shop storage is increased (+250 Kg)

[edit] Increasing shop level

You can work at your shop to increase its level to the next.

After you complete, the Shop level is increased to the next level.

[edit] Level 2 Shop

A level 2 Shop enables the Grant functionality. The owner will then be able to assign the following profiles:

You may hire other players to work in your upgraded Shop by writing a Work contract. Both characters will be able to craft but not at the same time and only the owner has to access the shop's inventory. If an hourly wage is set in the contract, the contractor will be paid after every crafting action as long as there are enough silver coins in the shop's inventory.

[edit] Selling your shop

You can sell your shop back to the Government or to another player by Selling your Certificate of Ownership on the Market. In case you sell your shop back to the Government you will receive the following Silver Coins

  Silver Coins = 80% of Base_price

where Base_Price is the structure price before Kingdom applied taxes.

[edit] Sell your shop on the market

Every shop owner owns a document (Certificate of Ownership) for each shop they bought. A shop owner will be able to sell this certificate on the market. This type of sale will not be taxed.

For selling successfully a property:

  • Shop inventory must be empty
  • Buyer must not already own a shop
  • No pending jobs in the shop should exist at buy time

These checks will be done when a buyer tries to buy the Certificate of Ownership. If the sale is succesfull the Shop will be transferred to the new owner and the buyer, the seller and the Vassal will be informed about the ownership Transfer.

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