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Tar Jar

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A Tar Jar is a Large Jar full of tar. If carried by a defender, can deal damage to attackers if a castle is present in the attacked region. For more information look here.

Attribute Value
Weight 450 Kg

[edit] Craft

1 Tar Jar
Source: Herbalist | Basic time: 12 hours

50 Coal
1 Large Jar
50 Wood Piece

Applies To: Attackers

The tar jar deals physical damage to attackers if a tar jar is contained in the inventory of defending soldiers and a Castle is present in the region. Every attacker has a percentage of 20% to be affected by tar jar and max 3 tar jars can be used by the Army. The damage that is dealt depends on each attacker's constitution.


  1. A castle must exists in the region;
  2. Soldiers (Defenders) must have tar jars in their inventories

Note: The engine scans all the defenders and checks if they have a jar tar. If a defender has a jar tar in his inventory the jar tar is used. Max 1 jar tar is used for each defender and in total max 3 jar tar can be used, so if defense faction wants to use 3 jar tars they will need to be distributed to 3 defenders (1 for each).

Dealt Damage

Dealt damage depends on Target Char Constitution:

Constitution Damage (HP)
1 90
2 63,64
3 51,96
4 45
5 40,25
6 36,74
7 34,02
8 31,82
9 30
10 28,46
11 27,14
12 25,98
13 24,96
14 24,05
15 23,24
16 22,5
17 21,83
18 21,21
19 20,65
20 20,12
21 19,64
22 19,19
23 18,77

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