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[edit] Posting a job

Owners of Level 2 Shops, Terrains and Level 1 Breedings may post a Job announcement in the Announcement Boards by specifying some job details.

Two kind of job posting can be added:

  • Jobs linked to a structure
  • Jobs NOT linked to a structure


[edit] Posting a job linked to a structure

The following type of jobs can be posted:

  • Crafting items
  • Seeding fields
  • Harvesting fields
  • Upgrading shop inventory
  • Feeding animals
  • Gathering animals products
  • Butchering animals

The following fields must be filled:

  • Title => Short summary of the job
  • Structure => Specify structure where the job will need to be done or None
  • Job duration in days => Specify the duration of the contract (max 30 days)
  • Wage => Specify the wage (ex: 300 doubloons) if the job is fixed price
  • Hourly wage => Specify the hourly wage or zero
  • Text => Description of job
  • Expires in days: Duration of the announcement

[edit] Jobs NOT Linked to a structure

An example could be a requests to collect 300 wood pieces or to deliver items to a certain location.

[edit] Publishing Costs

  • 1 sheet of paper
  • 50 cents for publishing day (Newbies (age <= 90) can post only by using a piece of paper).

When a new messages is posted, an event will be posted in the Town Crier page:


[edit] Contract limits

  • Only one active contract per structure is possible. Owner and contractor can work in the structure, but not at the same time.
  • The maximum duration of a job contract is 30 days.

[edit] Accepting a job linked to a structure


Only if the job is linked to a structure the post will contain a new link Accept. If a player accepts the job he will automatically granted the access to the related shop. If the structure can't no more accepts employee an error message will be displayed.

Once the jobs is accepted the job announcement will disappear from the boards and the job will appear in the tab Character -> My Contract Jobs.


  • A player can’t accept more than one job linked to the same structure at the same time.

[edit] Accepting a job NOT linked to a structure

The acceptance of these job is not ruled by game mechanics. The employee will need to contact the employer.

[edit] Canceling a job

The employer may cancel the job at any time. Both the employer and the employee will be informed and the grant on the structure will be removed.

[edit] Closing a job

The employer may decide to close a job at any time. The job will be archived and the grant on the structure will be removed.

[edit] Viewing jobs contracts

In the character dashboard a player may see his/her not expired job contracts. From there the employer or the employee can terminate the contract at any time by specifying a reason. The related structure access will be removed when the contract is canceled. The employer then may decide (if the job announce is not expired) to republish the job.

[edit] Accessing the structure and working

By clicking the link Private structures in the Explore_or_View_Region page, it is possbile to see Houses, Shops, Terrains and Breedings of citizens. The structures that the player can access will be displayed with a red border:


An employed player will be able to see in the Private Structure page the structure to which he is granted access and will be able to access the sufficient and necessary structure functionalities to complete the job. For example, employee will be able to craft items, but won’t be able to view or access the structure storage or other reserved functions.

Informational events about the employer activities will be added to the Structure event page:


[edit] Paying the job

The employee is paid by the hour. The hours to be paid for a job are not affected by maluses or bonuses.

At the end of each job session, the employee will be paid automatically from the funds in the structure. If in the structure not enough fund will be present a message will be sent to both employer and employee. This evidence may be presented in Court.


The hourly wage for the job is 2.3 silver coins.An employee does a craft action. Originally the craft action takes three hours but the employees takes 2.50 hours to complete it. The employee will get 2.3 * 3 = 6.9 silver coins.

Please consider that a player with profile worker can either craft or upgrade inventory. The system can't match actions to contract. Consider this warning when creating multiple contracts active at the same time.

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