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[edit] Character Creation

See Create Your Character

[edit] Main Character attributes

Energy, Health and Satiety are the main attributes for the mechanics of the game, and are represented by three bars located on the top. Hovering on symbol or bar will tell you the percentage of level.

[edit] Energy

It represents the amount of energy the Character has left and also denotes the freedom of movement and action that the Character has. Each action consumes energy in ME. If you do not have the 'energy demand from' action, then that same action cannot be performed. The 'energy' can be recovered by:

  • Paying money to either sleep in the Tavern or in the Character's private house (See Resting)
  • Voting on certain toplists
  • Eating some kind of food

[edit] Glut (or Glut)

Glut measures how full the Character stomach is.

[edit] Glut and work

Each action requires and consumes Glut in ME. If you do not have enough Glut then the action cannot be executed. Glut can be refilled by eating Food.

  16% of Glut points are subtracted every day. If the Glut level is at 0%, 10% health points will be deducted each day. 
  If the player's health goes down to 0%, the Character dies and is removed from the game.

[edit] Glut and resting

Glut measures how satiated the Character is and also influences the Rest Factor (RF). If the Character is not satiated, the RF will be lower than normal. If Glut is at 0%, the RF will also be 0 and this will prevent the Character from recovering the lost energy.

[edit] Health

Indicates how healthy the Character is. If the bar is 0, the Character is dead.

[edit] Inventory

The Inventory page displays items owned and worn by the Character, you can also equip yourself and use or send items.

[edit] To Wear items

To use a clothing item, simply click on it. You'll see a tooltip with the command 'wear'. The object is worn according to a predetermined algorithm. On the screen 'inventory', you can see on the top right corner the attack and defense values (which are influenced by the equipment).

[edit] To Remove items

To remove worn items, simply click on the human body slot where the item is worn.

[edit] To Use Objects

To use an item, simply click on it. You will see a tooltip with the command 'Use' or a specific command.

[edit] To Send Items

You can send items or money to other Players/Characters via a courier. For more details see Sending Items.

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