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Sending Items

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[edit] Sending Items

It is possible to send items or money to other characters by using a courier. In order to send an item you need to go into the character inventory clicking the button on the right menu:


When there, choose the item to send and click on it. A tooltip will appear, click the Send link.


A page will then appear when you can send items:


[edit] Sending Doubloons and Coins

You can send unlimited amounts of money or doubloons to another player.

Sending doubloons is free of charge and delivery time is instantaneous.

Sending silver coins costs 1/100 of the amount and the delivery time depends from where the recipient is.

[edit] Sending other items

You can send multiple items (up to 50 items or 100 Kg). Sending costs are based on the following criteria:

Item numbers Costs

Item numbers Price
<= 10 2 s.c * item
> 10 , <= 50 2.5 s.c * item (rounded)
1 1 s.c.

Weight Costs

Item numbers Price
<= 10 Kg 2 s.c * Kg.
> 10 Kg, <= 100 Kg 2.5 s.c. * Kg.

Total Price

   Price = max( Price items number, Price weight )


Send Weight Price weight Price item numbers Price
10 Herb and Honey Brews 0,05 Kg 1 s.c. 20 s.c. 20 s.c.
5 Plate armors 18 Kg 225 s.c. 10 s.c. 225 s.c.

[edit] Limitations

  1. You cannot send items to those who are in prison, or if you are imprisoned;
  2. The action is non-blocking, since the items/objects are sent via courier

[edit] Dispatch Time

When sending money, there is a fixed dispatch time of two hours for every 125 silver coins sent.

  125 coins => 2 hours
  251 coins => 4 hours

For other items, the delivery time taken for the dispatch depends on the distance (city/country) between the sender and recipient. The minimum dispatch time is one hour. An additional penalty of 25 minutes for every 50 kg carried will be applied.

  milan - genoa with 30 kg => about one hour
  milan - genoa with 80 kg => 1h 25 minutes
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