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Raiding Region

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[edit] Raiding a region

A King can choose to declare an attack for Raiding a Region owned by another Kingdom. It is possible to declare the attack Raid Region through the Royal Chancellery.

A Regent may declare the attack only if is engaged in a war with the Kingdoms that owns the region. For further details on how to declare war and about the overall war mechanism, please check this page.

Raiding a region could pursue two objectives:

  1. Stealing goods and money
  2. Ruining region economy

Note: In case the Region hosts a Reigious Head Quarter and if the Regent choose to, it is possible to raid also the Religion Relic

[edit] Costs

Please consult this page to know about war and attacks costs.

[edit] Maluses and Bonuses

  • Geographical Malus: Yes
  • Castle/Royal Presence Malus: Yes
  • Tar Jar: Yes, if Castle is present

[edit] Timetable

Please refer to Server Parameter Page: Classic Server

  • Declaration of Raid - t0
  • Creation of battlefield, Event is known to the target Regent - t0 + x hours
  • Battle starts - t0 + y hours
  • Battlefield is destroyed - t0 + z hours

For the timings applied to the server, please refer to Server Parameter Page:

[edit] Aftermath

[edit] Looting people

All characters that are in the raided region may be mugged except the soldiers that fought in ATTACK. Only silvercoins will be taken.

[edit] Looting Structures

Region structures and players located in the region at the moment of the raid will be looted. Some structured can be destroyed too. Raided items and structures that will be destroyed will depend on the number of attackers that remains uninjured (alive) at the end of the battle and their carrying capacity.

All the:

  1. Player owned structures (shops, houses, terrain etc)
  2. Government structures (castle, royal palace, etc)
  3. Religious structures
  4. Other structures (market)

will be raided.

  Raided percentage = min(50, 15 + (alive attackers) * 1.25)

Example If alive attackers = 10, 27.5% of region structures will be raided. 27.5% of these items (with the attribute stealable = true) in their inventory will be looted

  If the maximum transportable capacity of the alive attackers is reached, no more items will be raided (carts increase maximum transportable capacity)

Raid loot will be deposited into the Battlefield storage and will be accessible only to the alive (not recovering) soldiers that belongs to the attacking Kingdom. Winning soldiers will have 18 hours to move the loot back to home. Battlefield will be dismantled after 18 hours from the battle end (the items in the battlefield inventory will be destroyed).

[edit] Destroying structures

Buildings owned by characters (house, shops, terrains etc) will have a chance to be destroyed.

  Percentage = min(50, intval( 1.1 * aliveattackersleft ));
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