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Relic kiev.png Sacred Relic of Patriarchal Faith

The Sacred Relic is an object that is supposed to be in the Religious Headquarters of each Church. As long as it is placed in that structure, the Dogma Bonuses that have been activated works.

It is possible to steal the Relic from a Religious Headquarter or a Royal Palace by raiding the corresponding region. If the Raid is succesfull and the Relic is stolen he will go directly to:

  • The Religious HQ of the Regent that launched the Raid, if the Regent is a Church follower;
  • The Royal Palace of the Regent that launched the Raid, if the Regent is an Atheist.

The Relic cannot be moved from these structures by other means.

Without the Relic in its Headquarters, the Dogma Bonuses will not work.

To recuperate the Relic there are two options:

  • Counterattack: Raid the Region where the Royal Palace or the HQ is. In the Raid screen you can specify which Relic you want to raid
  • Negotiation: Negotiate with the King or Religious Leadee that own your Relic. If the negotiation is succesfull, open a ticket to support and ask Administration to restore the Relic back.
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