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A Duke or Duchess can either be a monarch ruling over a Duchy or hold a prestigious position among the nobility of a kingdom, historically often of the highest below the monarch. This noble title is ranked higher than Count and lower than Prince. This title is granted to a certain person by the Regent.

[edit] Requirements

To become a Duke or Duchess, you don't need to meet any in game mechanical requirements. A Regent can appoint up to 1 Duke for each castle the Kingdom owns. The title can also be customized to reflect a regional or roleplay equivalent. The crown icon seen above can also be altered, making it harder for others to recognize the rank.

This role is mainly for Role Playing purposes.

[edit] Duties

kingdoms can decide for themselves wether and which duties or privileges they want to give with the title. For reference, those may include among others:

  • administrative duties, i.e. as the vassal and chief overseer of one or more regions the kingdom owns
  • a commanding position in the military
  • award for exemplary loyalty, efforts for the kingdom's benefit, etc.
  • come with a salary
  • exemption from certain laws
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