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[edit] Diplomacy

All kingdoms would begin by having a default diplomatic relations status of “Neutral” with every other kingdom. However, a Regent could change his/her kingdom’s diplomatic relation status with another kingdom from “Neutral” to either “Friendly, “Allied” or “Hostile”.

[edit] Changing diplomacy relations

A Regent may be able to manage diplomatic relations towards a Kingdom through the correspondent Royal Palace function.

There are four types of diplomacy relations:

  • Hostile: This relation is the worse that two Kingdoms can have. Access to both Kingdom’s territories are denied, commerce relations are stopped, war can be declared.
  • Neutral: The Relation between kingdoms is neutral, commerce is allowed without particular advantages and traveling is allowed.
  • Friendly: This relation should be used among kingdoms that want to have favourable economic relationships but not being obliged to assist in case of war.
  • Allied: This relation is a strong one. Being allied means following and support the ally in case of war.
  Diplomacy relations are bidirectional. For example, if a relation ALLIED is set between Kingdom A and B this will result in: Kingdom A is 
  ALLIED with Kingdom B and Kingdom B is ALLIED with Kingdom A.


To configure a new relation with Kingdom B, Regent A will need to click a button in the current page s before, but instead (if the relation is not Direct), a proposal will be sent to Regent B and this will be visible in Diplomacy Page (validity: 48 hours). Regent B may ACCEPT or DECLINE the proposal.

If Regent A sends a ALLIED proposal to Regent B, Regent B accepts before the proposal is expired and the current max alliance limits are not hit, both relations between Kingdom A and Kingdom B will be set to ALLIED forming an Alliance.

Some transactions will need a confirmation while others not:

From/To Hostile Neutral Friendly Allied
Hostile Need confirmation Need confirmation Need confirmation
Neutral Direct Need confirmation Need confirmation
Friendly Direct Direct
Allied Direct Direct Direct

It is not necessary that the recipient kingdom has a Regent to propose a new Diplomacy relationship (If there is no Regent, the proposal will expire). Cooldown to change again the diplomacy status remains 15 days, except for Hostile. A new king will still be subjected to the cooldown.

[edit] Conditions

Conditions to change a diplomacy relation are:

  1. A piece of paper and a wax seal are needed;
  2. The relation must not have been changed in the last 15 days;
  3. Ally relation can be configured with max two other kingdoms.

[edit] Definition of an alliance

An alliance is a set of Kingdoms that have Allied Relations among them.


Kingdom A, Kingdom B and Kingdom C are allied (Alliance 1), means that all the diplomacy relations among them are Allied: A is allied with B, B is allied with C and C is allied with A.


Kingdom A allied with Kingdom B, Kingdom A is allied with Kingdom C, Kingdom B is allied with Kingdom D. There are 3 Alliances: Alliance 1 (A,B), Alliance 2 (A,C) and Alliance 3 (B,D).

  • If A declares war to D, B can attack D (must break alliance and declare hostile), C can attack D (need to declare hostile)
  • If B declares war (needs to break alliance first) to D, only A may help B.

[edit] Effects of a diplomatic change status

[edit] Changes on Movements

Diplomacy Relations affects movements. A citizen of a Kingdom cannot travel in another Region is this Region is owned by a Hostile Kingdom.


In the Example above, Kingdom of Savoie (color: red) is Hostile to Kingdom of Genoa (color: green). A citizen of Genoa Kingdom therefore:

  1. Can't travel from A to C (1) (2)
  2. Can't travel from A to B with fasttrack paths (the fastrack crosses a Savoie Region) (1) (2)

(1) Unless he is already in Kingdom B

(2) Unless he owns an access permit given by Savoie Regent

In addition, when Savoie is attacked by Kingdom of Genoa, citizens of Kingdoms that are Allied with Genoa will not be able to access Savoie Region regardless of their Kingdom Diplomacy Relations with Savoie.

[edit] Other Effects

[edit] Taxes

The Vassal can set the Service and Goods Tax for each diplomacy relationship. The correspondent tax to the Diplomacy Relationshio between your Kingdoms will be applied.

[edit] Access to Kingdoms

If a Kingdom has a Hostile relationship with yours, you won't be able to access its lands. If you are already inside while the relationship changes you will be able to move within the Kingdom lands.

[edit] Access to Markets

If a Kingdom has a Hostile relationship with yours, you won't be able to access the Market.

[edit] Resources Extraction

If a Kingdom has a Hostile or Neutral relationship with yours, you won't be able to extract its resources.

[edit] Studying/Training

If a Kingdom has a Hostile relationship with yours, you won't be able to access the Academy or the Training Grounds.

[edit] Resting c/o Tavern

If a Kingdom has a Hostile relationship with yours, you won't be able to access the Tavern.

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