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Native Rebellions

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Natives will try periodically (two times a month) to regain control of some regions.


[edit] How often can a rebellion starts?

Around two/three times a month , they will attack different kingdoms. Due to this fact a kingdom can't get attacked by natives twice in row.

[edit] How the chance to be attacked is computed?

All the regions that are not capitals, do not have a castle, and belongs to a Kingdom can be selected to be attacked by Natives. For each regions a score will be computed and then the scores will be ordered. The region with higher score will be attacked by natives.

  A kingdom that has been attacked can’t be attacked by native for the next 90 days

[edit] Step 1: Computing the attack chance

All regions are selected and for each one the engine will compute the score, for example

  Kingdom of Albania - Arta: 3,4
  Kingdom of Naples - Cosenza: 4,5
  Kingdom of Milano - Brescia: 2,5

[edit] Step 2: Find out the two regions that have higher chance

  Cosenza: 4,5
  Arta: 3,4
  Brescia 2,5

Cosenza and Arta will be attacked by natives.

[edit] Conditions that increase percentage

[edit] Kingdom is attacked

If a Kingdom is attacked the chance that a region is attacked is decreased by a huge factor. Is therefore impossible that the Kingdom will be attacked by Natives.

[edit] Distance from capital

The chance that a region will be attacked by natives increases directly with its distance from the Kingdom Capital.

[edit] Number of Kingdom residents present in Kingdom

The chance that a region will be attacked by natives increases if there are a lot of Kingdom citizens that are outside the ingdom.

[edit] Number and type of structures in region

The chance that a region will be attacked by natives decreases if the region is developed (structures exists).

[edit] How natives will attack a region?

A message will be delivered to the King and a message will be posted to the Town Crier Board. Immediately after the message is received, a battlefield will appear in the region and a group of natives will be already be present in the Attack faction. The number of natives will be related to the region numbers that the Kingdom owns.

After 48 hours from the battlefield appearance the battle will begin. Only one round will be sufficient to determine if the region is conquered or not.

Native numbers and their statistics are equal to the ones encountered while attacking independent regions.

  It will not be possible to join as attackers in this type of battle

[edit] Who can defend?

Kingdom citizens and Allies.

[edit] Number of Natives attacking

Numbers roughly depend on Kingdom size itself , if a kingdom have more regions , more natives with higher stats will appear in the battle. Which can be seen at table below

Kingdom Region Number 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Number of Natives in battle 10 25 48 74 103 135 168 203 240 278 317

See more detailed information here

[edit] What happens if the natives conquer a region?

  • Region will become Independent;
  • The correspondent resource (Mine, Forest ecc.) will be destroyed;
  • All the Government and Religious structures in them will be freezed and not accessible;
  • All the roles related to Government Structures and Building Sites will be cleared and dependance from other buildings cleared;
  • Private structures will be untouched by the natives but they won't be accessible anymore;
  • Residents of the region will become residents of the Kingdom Capital Region;
 Region will be unconquerable for a certain time (from 7 to 10 days) because in the initial days the natives are on guard and it’s impossible to take them by surprise

[edit] What happens if another Kingdom B conquers the region previously owned by Kingdom A?

  • The Kingdom A loses the rights on the region, so it can be conquered by other kingdoms (for example Kingdom B). Kingdom A may of course counterattack/declare war to Kingdom B etc.
  • Government structures will be linked to the Capital Castle of Kingdom B. Building sites will be assigned respectively to the King or the Capital Vassal.
  • Private properties will remain to the previous owners. If a player will be unable to access its structure because the New Kingdom is hostile, he can:
    • Change citizenship to the new Kingdom;
    • Negotiate with the new government in order to have a 24 hours permission to settle things.

[edit] Conquering Regions: Citizens residence

In order to simplify rules if a KingdomA attacks a region RB of Kingdom B and conquers it, citizens of region RB will become resident of the KingdomB capital.

[edit] Number of rounds

The number of rounds will be: 1.

[edit] Bonuses and Maluses

  • Geographical Maluses: Yes
  • Castle/Royal Palace Presence: Yes
  • Jar Tar: Yes, if a Castle is present
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