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A Lord/Lady is a person who was granted this title of nobility by a Vassal to provide aid and services to the Vassal and the Kingdom. Lords and Ladies may be people who belong to the Vassal's household, helping to strengthen his position and develop the regions in his domain or be given the title as an award for their efforts.

[edit] Requirements

To become a Lord, you don't need to meet any in game requirements ((such as age, certain attributes like Charisma, etc)). Any vassal can appoint up to 2 Lords/Ladies.

The title can also be customized to reflect a regional or roleplay equivalent. The crown icon seen above can also be altered, making it harder for others to recognize the rank.

This role is mainly for Role Playing purposes.

[edit] Duties

kingdoms can decide for themselves wether and which duties or privileges they want to give with the title. For reference, those may include among others:

  • military duties
  • award for exemplary loyalty, efforts for the kingdom's benefit, etc.
  • administrative duties
  • come with a salary
  • exemption from certain laws
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