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Joining a Faction

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[edit] Who can Join the Attack Faction?

Logic for joining an attack or defense faction changes and depends from the battle type that is ongoing.

[edit] Native attack

If a Kingdom A is attacked by natives, only:

  • Citizens of Kingdom A
  • Citizens of a Kingdom that is allied with Kingdom A

can join the DEFENSE faction. Only natives can join the ATTACK faction.

[edit] Revolt

If there is a Revolt in Kingdom A, only:

  • Citizens of Kingdom

Can join the ATTACK or DEFENSE faction. For this type of battle there are additional rules. Please check the Revolt page.

[edit] Conquer Region or Raid

These attacks can be launched only after a war has been declared.


Kingdom A (allied with B and C) is at war with Kingdom D (allied with E and F). A attacks E.

A,B,C may join attackers faction even if their diplomacy status with D,E,F is not hostile.

D,E,F may join defenders faction even if their diplomacy status with A,B,C is not hostile.

[edit] Soldier Categorization

The engine that categorize a soldier checks if the soldier is a citizen of the kingdom controlling if the soldier was born in the Kingdom or he became citizen at least for 30 days.

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