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Guardian Assistant

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The Guardian Assistant is a person who got granted this tittle by the Tower Guardian to serve as additional sentry and watch over the land and its people.

[edit] Requirements

To become an Assistant, you don't need any in game requirements ((such as age, certain stats, etc)). Any Watch Tower allows the appointment of 5 Assistants, but they will only have access to this specific post.

They can watch the land and also rest in the tower as long as the bed is unoccupied. Citizens can be made Assistant Guardians for several Watch Towers at once.

[edit] Duties

kingdoms can decide for themselves wether and which duties or privileges they want to give with the title. For reference, those may include among others:

  • Must watch the land from time to time to monitor local activities
  • Inform his superiors about suspicious activities, visiting foreigners, presence of citizens of hostile kingdoms in the vicinity
  • Must provide screenshots of these activities in case of illegal activity to help enforce the law.
  • May be granted a salary
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