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En US CultivatingWheat Guide

From Medieval Europe
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Author: Teodosio Chiavelli

For starting to cultivate wheat you need:

  • 1x Hoe
  • 1x Uncultivated land
  • 1x Wheat seeds

You should make sure that your "hunger" and "Energy" meters are filled up, working at wheat field takes a lot from those.

  1. Take the hoe in your hand and make sure you have seeds in your inventory
  2. Click the uncultivated land and choose "Seed"
  3. wait approximately two hours that your character has finished sowing seeds and plowing the field
  4. Fill your energy and hunger meter with bread and sleep
  5. Wait that wheat grows ripe approximately 11 hours
  6. Click the field and choose "Harvest"
  7. Wait that your character has harvested the wheat approximately in two hours
  8. Fill your energy and hunger meters with bread and sleep
  9. You can find 3 sacks of wheat, 10 bales of hay and 0, 1 or 2 heaps of wheat seeds after harvest
  10. Click the field and choose "Inventory"
  11. Take the harvest from there
  12. Sell it at market, Wheat sacks 3 silver coins, hay bales 1 silver coin, Wheat seeds 3-4 silver coins
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