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Conquering Independent Region

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[edit] Conquering an Independent Region

An independent region will contain a small village huts where natives are living in peace. In order to conquer a independent region all the natives should be killed.

The King will be able to write a Conquer Order and thus appoint from the Royal Chancery a Captain of the Guard to conquer a specific independent region. The order validity will be max seven days. Once written, the King must send the Order to the Captain.

To write a Conquer Order, a paper piece and a wax seal are required.

The Captain should start to organize the expedition eventually, using the Basic Group Management functionality.

[edit] Attacking the Natives

Once a designated Guard Captain reaches the target region will find a small village where the natives live. Only the designated Guard Captain with a valid Conquer Order will be able to attack through a function Attack Natives embedded in the native village.

This function will allow him to initiate an attack by specifying the Military Group that he intends to use. Once initiated, the captain will be blocked for an hour. Soldiers are not blocked, but when the attack is launched, one hour after its declaration, they must not do any blocking action.

Group members that:

  • Sleep
  • Are recovering
  • Are not in the region
  • Are younger than 30 days

won't be able to fight.

[edit] The Natives and the negative feedback

The native fighting attributes fighting power, number and equipment, will be directly related to the number of regions that belong to the attacking Kingdom.

[edit] What happens if Native wins?

Nothing happens and the region will remain Independent.

[edit] What happens if Soldiers wins?

The region will be annexed to the Kingdom and automatically assigned to the Vassal that is in charge of the Capital castle.

[edit] An INDEPENDENT region has been conquered, what now?

Once a region is conquered it will contain the following structures:

  • A Resource (mine, breeding etc)
  • The Landfill
  • A small village

The small village will allow players to buy a terrain or a shop. The structure won't have any storage and won't collect any tax. All the taxes will go to the controlling Catle. If the King will decide to build a castle, the Native Village will be replaced.

[edit] Building structures

It is important to make the region productive as soon as possible. The King and Vassal will be able to start some projects in the region. The King will be able to order the construction of: Castle, Academy, Training Grounds, the Vassal will be able to order the construction of: Court, Barracks/Prisons, Market, Tavern.

The structures built by the Vassal will be linked to his castle.

[edit] Building a Castle

Building a castle in a region will be a task that will need lots of resources and time and can be ordered only by a King. When the build is finished:

  • The Small Village in regionwill be replaced by the Castle
  • All the region structures will be linked to the Castle, therefore the taxes will remain in the region
  • The King will have to nominate a new Vassal and the previous Vassal will no more control the region
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