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A player will be able to challenge another player in a Duel if he owns at least 7 quest points.


[edit] How the challenge is launched?

A new link Challenge Player in Duel will be added to player public profile. By clicking it a new page will open with the following fields:

  • Player to challenge
  • Duel location
  • Duel Proposed date
  • Duel Proposed time

[edit] Requirements

  • 7 Quest Points are needed to launch duels.The tutorial will be opened to all characters. Seven quest points will be granted to player with age >= 365 days;
  • A piece of paper and a wax seal;
  • The duel date, time should be not in the past and at least 48 hours in the future
  • At least seven days from the last duel proposal to the same characters must have been passed
  • Duel Location must be on land
  • Target must be older than 30 days

[edit] How the duel is accepted/refused?

The challenged player can refuse or accept the duel by clicking [Accept] or [Refuse] on the received event up to 24 hours before the duel date.

[edit] How the duel happens?

The target may Accept or Deny the duel. The duel proposal must be accepted upto 24 hours before the duel data. If the target accepts a duel action will be scheduled to happen on the specified date.

At the time when the duel must happen the action will check for the presence of the two contenders in the specified region.

  • If a contender is present, will get +1 honor point
  • If a contender is not present or present but in a status not fit for the fight (busy in another action, imprisoned, etc) will get -1 honor point.

Only if both contenders are present, the duel will happen. They must be in a fighting status (i.e. not sleeping, recovering, meditating etc).

If the duel can happen a battle 1 vs 1 will happen using the standard battle engine.

[edit] Bonuses and Maluses

  • Geographical Maluses: No
  • Castle/Royal Palace presence: No
  • Jar Tar: No

[edit] Duel aftermath

The duel will occur at the specified time. The Loser will need to recuperate his health: at the end of Recovery he will regain 70% Health. No attributes can be lost if beaten in a duel.

[edit] Titles and Badges

The winner will accumulate dueling points (DPs) while the loser will lose DPs. To determine the lost/gained DPs the following algorithm will be followed:

The rankings of the duelists of the day before will be looked up and then Dps are computed.

The winner will earn:

   Winner_points = Min(10, Max(2, (6 + ( (OpponentDuelingScore - CharactersDuelingScore) / 20) ) ) )

The loser will lose:

   Loser_points = Min(8, Max(0, (4 + ( (OpponentDuelingScore - CharactersDuelingScore) / 20) ) ) )

For Best Duelist and Honorables badges see Badges.

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