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Account Configuration

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By selecting the link My Account in the top horizontal menu, it is possible to configure some options:


[edit] General Options

[edit] Nationality

Configure your nationality

[edit] Receive Newsletter

You can opt-in or opt-out and not receive anymore our newsletter. We suggest to remain subscribed even if you quit so you will be informed of new releases or promos.

[edit] Hide Max Stat Badges

You can decide to hide 'Max Stats Reached' Badges in the public profile in order to hide your attributes level.

[edit] Available for Religious Rites and Care?

If checked, Religious Officers will not be able to marry or cure you.

[edit] Automated Sleep Option

These options are configurable only if you bought the Automated Sleep Bonus.

[edit] Disable Automated Sleep

If checked, your character won't automatically sleep after every action.

[edit] Maximum Glut point to recover

If specified, your character will automatically eat food before sleep until the specified amount of glut points is reached.

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